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Chapter 1172: 1172
Chapter 1172 Let“s Just Go Apparently, a lot of people were thinking the same thing . What about Feng Wu? What was she doing at the moment?

She had used up all her energy the night before to master a single stance, Flying Dragon!

She was completely drained and utterly exhausted .

Feng Wu had thought several times that she was going to die . She couldn’t even lift a finger… But whenever she felt that way, a generous amount of spiritual essence would flow through her veins .

The morning sun shone through the window onto Feng Wu’s translucent skin, casting little shadows under her eyes .

Her long, thick eyelashes flickered, which reminded one of raindrops falling on butterfly wings, creating tiny ripples .

Feng Wu opened her eyes slightly, her mind virtually blank at that moment .

Soon, she came back to herself and bolted upright!

“Xiao Wu, you’re awake!” Both Chaoge and Qiuling were thrilled .

Feng Xun was the most excited of them all!

He had been pacing around the room in circles, checking the time . Now that Feng Wu had woken up, he was over the moon!

Rushing over, he took Feng Wu’s hand . “Xiao Wu, you’re really awake! How do you feel? Are you feeling alright?”

Feng Xun put a hand on Feng Wu’s forehead to check her temperature .

After all, Feng Wu had looked like a broken china doll the night before . She had been covered in blood, as if every bone in her body was broken . It had been the most wretched sight .

However, Feng Wu’s eyes were clear and bright, and her cheeks were flushed prettily .

There was only one question that Feng Wu wanted to ask . “What time is it now?”

Qiuling told her the time .

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Feng Wu paused for a minute, then realized what was going on .

Wasn’t that the time —

“My duel!” Crying out, Feng Wu jumped out of bed, grabbed a robe, then rushed out the door!

“Xiao Wu —”

That was the only thing Feng Xun could utter before Feng Wu was out of sight!

Feng Xun was distraught . Exchanging looks with Xuan Yi, he said, “Hurry up! Let’s go!”

Feng Wu ran as fast as she could, but her legs could only take her so far . Little Phoenix also wasn’t big enough to be her mount .

Feng Xun caught up to her from behind and gave her a hand . “Get up here!”

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Seeing that she was running out of time, Feng Wu didn’t have time to think . Taking Feng Xun’s hand, she used the momentum to jump onto his horse .

“Hyah —”

The white horse galloped forward!

Meanwhile, in Imperial College —

It was almost the designated time, but Feng Wu was still nowhere to be seen!

Everyone in the audience was talking .

“Is Feng Wu too afraid to come?”

“If she knew that she was going to lose, why did she sound so confident in the first place?”

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“Well, what a waste of time! The entire Year 1 was given half a day off for this . All the things we could have done with that much time!”

“It wouldn’t be such a big deal if Feng Wu lost today, but just deciding not to show up like this… what a shame . ”

“Fine, then . We’ll just leave . ”

“That’s right . We should go…”

The crowd began to disperse .

In her VIP seat, the empress dowager already looked furious!

Suddenly, she got to her feet .

“Your Majesty…” The empress dowager glared at Lady Northern Feng before the latter could say another word .

Seeing this, Empress Dugu hurried over and offered her hand to the empress dowager .

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