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Chapter 117: That Was Embarrassing……

The Feng Xun and Xuan Yi duo were originally chasing towards the main street. However, they very quickly realized that something was fishy.

"Eh? This smell isn't right……" Xuan Yi creased his brows.

Feng Xun creased his brows at the same time. "Why do I feel that……the smell is coming from behind us? Don't tell me that the little beggar tricked us? !"

The two people glanced at each other and immediately charged back behind them!

The street corner was already emptied of people. How was there even a shadow of the little beggar left? The broken bowl was still thrown at its original location. There were even a few coins left inside of the broken bowl.

How could a genuine beggar leave behind the bowl he used to eat with as well as his money?

Once Feng Xun saw this situation, he immediately turned green in the face and yelled loudly. "Man, I'm tired! What kind of shit is this? !"

Xuan Yi's complexion also turned similarly unsightly. He already thought of a frightening possibility.

Just as the two of them were stunned in place, a young girl happened to pass through.

This was a girl who Feng Xun was familiar with. It's that Miss Lin Ling who previously chased after him to beat him.

Feng Xun still had lingering fears of this plucky Northern Territory City girl, but at the moment, he also no longer cared about so many things as he rushed forward and grabbed Lin Ling. He nearly scared Lin Ling to death.

Without waiting for Lin Ling's reproach, Feng Xun asked loudly. "Where's the little beggar who was here? Where did the little beggar here go? !"

Lin Ling looked at Feng Xun as if she's looking at an idiot. "Little beggar? Something wrong with your eyes? I walk back and forth on this street tens of times everyday to sell wontons. I've never seen a little beggar here."

Feng Xun's pupils constricted violently, so angry he was simply unable to utter a single word. "……"

Lin Ling shot a baffled glance at Feng Xun. "Can it be that you didn't know this? Our City Lord Bi forbid beggars from affecting the city's image. Therefore, all of the beggars in the city have been gathered together at another street."

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi glanced at each other, their complexions were already……too unsightly to look at.

"It's her! It must be her! It's that ugly girl!" Feng Xun was so angry that he was yelling and screaming. "Unexpectedly, she escaped right under my nose! What's more, did you know? I even grabbed onto her! I didn't merely grab her, I even asked her for directions? I, I, I……I'm no better than a pig!"

As Feng Xun was speaking, he was using his hand to slap his own forehead.

How much of a psychological blow Feng Xun must be suffering right now……Xuan Yi watched Feng Xun sympathetically. Even though he was also tricked, still, at least he wasn't tricked as miserably as Feng Xun.

"Stop blaming yourself, you're wasting time. Hurry and give chase. I still truly don't believe that she will escape again next time." Xuan Yi pulled Feng Xun and rushed forward.

Feng Xun's heart had suffered a severe blow. He was both angry and sullen……so much anger was compressed in his stomach that it hurt.

He discreetly made a fist to express that once he caught that ugly girl, he'd hang her upside-down for sure!

At present, Feng Wu was rushing out of the alley to Uncle Zhao's home, and she even greeted Uncle Zhao's family's Little Treasure.

Just as she reached a large avenue, suddenly——dong——a peach pit smashed into her forehead.

Feng Wu rubbed her bruised forehead and turned her head while panting with rage!

Was it not enough that Feng Xun was bullying her. Who'd come to bully her now?

With a quick look, what she saw made her eyeballs practically pop out!

It wasn't Feng Xun, and also wasn't Xuan Yi, even more so, it wasn't Jun Lin Yuan——

At this moment, the youngster sitting on top of a very high wall was in fact someone who was previously tricked by her in a very miserable, very miserable fashion……the childish Yu Ming Ye.

"You——" Feng Wu felt like she'd been struck by lightning!

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