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Chapter 118: Little Lady, Come Here, Come Here——

In front of her was Yu Ming Ye, behind her was Jun Lin Yuan' group……were all the people she'd provoked before teaming up to find her? This truly was……

"Hey, Little Lady, why are you standing so far away? Come here, come here——" Yu Ming Ye waved towards Feng Wu.


A flash of light appeared in Feng Wu's eyes!

It sounded as if, from what Yu Ming Ye's saying, he didn't recognize her.

That made sense. When they were at Icebound Forest previously, she was disguised as an ugly girl. She's currently displaying her original appearance, therefore, it's normal that Yu Ming Ye didn't recognize her.

Since that's the case——

Feng Wu's pair of hands clasped behind her as she unhurriedly advanced a few steps and looked up at Yu Ming Ye. She asked boldly and confidently. "Who are you? Why're you yelling for me?"

Rather than timidly retracting her head like a turtle, why not hold her head high while questioning him, because there was a guru who once said that offense was the best defense. Therefore, she only needed to focus on attacking Yu Ming Ye.

Yu Ming Ye stared at Feng Wu standing before him.

Frankly speaking, this little lady was actually quite gorgeous, red lipped and white teethed, skin so delicate it might break with a pinch, perfect facial features sculpted from jade and jewels, the spirits of heaven and earth gathered and concentrated into her body. Add to that, the posture of her standing with those hands lifted behind her and she's truly so beautiful it make a person's eyes unable to look away.

Yu Ming Ye was a sucker for beauty to begin with. His greatest pleasure in life was to look at beautiful women. That's why once his gaze met Feng Wu's, his complexion immediately turned red as his eyes stared blankly——

Feng Wu waved her hand back and forth in front of his face, then asked while laughing 'hee hee'. "Hey, what's up with you? Have you been bedazzled? Am I that pretty?"

Yu Ming Ye was inherently demonically charming and insanely handsome with an eccentric nature, yet even he truly hadn't seen such a shameless girl before. She unexpectedly asked so straightforwardly……this instead made Yu Ming Ye, who originally wanted to take liberties with her, choke unexpectedly.

Feng Wu saw that Yu Ming Ye choke so much he couldn't get a single word out, and she immediately made note of it in her mind.

She didn't expect that this method actually worked really well. Then let's only focus on attacking Yu Ming Ye!

"Hey, I'm talking to you. Are you dumbstruck now? Young man, you shouldn't have fallen for me at first sight, right?" Feng Wu's smug appearance was quite annoying.

"Cough cough cough——" Yu Ming Ye swallowed a mouthful of saliva and coughed many times before stopping. He was utterly discomfited while staring at Feng Wu. "What kind of a joke are you cracking? ! Me, like you? Who are you that I'd like you? ! How's there even a girl who's as narcissistic as you in this world? Saying these things in such a shameless manner?"

As expected, this young man, Yu Ming Ye, was quite thin skinned (easily embarrassed). She merely said that and he already became embarrassed.

Feng Wu arrogantly straightened her little body. "I'm good-looking and I'm proud of it, speaking of which, did you really not fall for me at first sight?"

"No!" Yu Ming Ye didn't expect that they'd barely met once and this girl would be so shameless, this truly made him……unable to muster any fondness towards her.

Feng Wu laughed inside, but remained calm and collected on the surface. She crossed her hands behind her like an old fellow and spoke unhurriedly. "Oh, since you don't like me, then I'm leaving."

Go go go……slip away quickly, this is the most accurate portrayal of Feng Wu's inner thoughts! Fortunately, Yu Ming Ye, this young man, was easy to trick. Once they met, he was doomed to be deceived by her. She only hoped that he didn't catch opponents off guard the way Jun Lin Yuan and company did.

"Wait, wait!" Just at this moment, Yu Ming Ye found his voice to shout at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu's heart 'bathumped', this demonically enchanting and charming young man……what did he want again? Behind her, Feng Xun and company were already quickly approaching! Actually, she urgently wanted to go into hiding.

Without having done so, though, Feng Wu could only stop walking away and turned her head around. That pair of limpid, penetrating black eyes helplessly looked towards Yu Ming Ye.

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