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Chapter 116: She Really Didn't Want To Trick Feng Xun Again, But……

Feng Wu saw that her wrist had been grasped and almost wanted to sob!

Just now, she put on her disguise too urgently. Her face had been transformed, but her wrist had not been at all. As a result, it was still spotlessly white……fortunately, what Feng Xun grabbed onto was also the sleeve of her garment. Moreover, in the next second, he cast her off.

"Jeez, so dirty!"

Feng Wu's heart let out a small breath of relief. Feng Xun shouldn't have discovered her.

Sure enough, Feng Xun fixed his gaze on Feng Wu. "Little beggar, I'll ask you questions. You need to answer me truthfully!"

Feng Wu's little beggar face was startled as it turned towards Feng Xun, wishing that she could grow wings and fly away.

"Do you see this, this is a gold coin. Gold which can be used to buy a lot, a lot of steamed buns." Feng Xun took a gold coin and threw it towards Feng Wu while speaking with a tone of voice used to trick little children. "You can answer my questions now, right?"

Feng Wu. "……"

She clasped the gold coin in her hand and even had to smile a money grubbing smile, because when was there ever a beggar who wouldn't smile when seeing a gold coin?

Feng Xun opened his eyes wide as he focused on asking the little beggar. "Have you been sitting here without moving?"

Little beggar Feng Wu. "Hic mm mm……"

Feng Xun immediately fished out the painting he gifted to City Lord Bi from his chest pocket and spread it out in front of the little beggar. "Look at this, have you ever seen this person?"

Looking at that painting, Feng Wu's face, which was hidden beneath filth and dirt, almost imperceptibly twitched.

Had she seen this person? Of course she had, not only that, this person's currently standing right in front of you, Young Prince Feng……

What Feng Wu's brain was thinking of at the moment was if in the future, Feng Xun were to know that the Little Fifth that he wanted to find was the beggar right in front of him……she wondered if she'd be killed by Feng Xun.

She really didn't want to trick Feng Xun again, but why did he insist on digging a hole for her to bury him in? Sigh……

After inhaling deeply, Feng Wu's contrasting black and white eyes turned towards Feng Xun. "Hic hic hic……"

As she made some strange sounds, she pointed to her own throat, hinting that she's a mute and can't talk.

Feng Xun displeasingly responded. "Even if you're a mute, you should still have eyes, right? Hurry and help me look. Have you seen this person?"

Feng Wu's heart turned into knots. Since Feng Xun insisted on digging a hole like this, then she'd help him a bit with the burying. Thinking of this, Feng Wu nodded her head and pointed to the direction that led to the busiest street.

Feng Xun turned around to say to Xuan Yi. "Look, I asked the right person this time, right? It's a great idea to ask this little beggar."

Soon after, he then pulled Xuan Yi along and rushed into the main street.

Jun Lin Yuan followed last. He turned his head around and profoundly took a glance at Feng Wu……

Feng Wu's heart jumped from that glance of Jun Lin Yuan's.

Jun Lin Yuan, he, he shouldn't have discovered something, right?

No, that's not possible. If Jun Lin Yuan distinguished any clues, how would he not tell Feng Xun? She must be overthinking it!

After watching Feng Xun's group of people leave, Feng Wu quickly ran towards the opposite direction as Feng Xun.

After she ran for a short distance, Feng Wu immediately leapt into Grandma Zhang's backyard and changed into a set of fresh and clean clothes, returning to Feng Wu's original appearance.


Again, another loud fart!

Feng Wu's going to weep soon!

Wasn't this farting happening just too frequently? Coming at about once every five minutes? Moreover, it totally wasn't something she could control! When the hell could she stop farting?

Under this kind of situation, how could she return home? Don't even talk about cultivating——Feng Wu mourned miserably and let out a long sigh. Was it possible to find anyone more unlucky than her?

She could no longer stay at Grandma Zhang's home. Fortunately, Feng Wu was especially familiar with this area.

Moreover, these neighbors typically left their doors open. Therefore, Feng Wu's figure nimbly rushed through their homes without leaving a single trace!

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