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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:10:11 AM
Chapter 1161
Chapter 1161 The Teenager Is Back Her vision went dark when she fell to the ground head first . She could see stars and her head was swimming . She couldn’t even lift a finger .

How she wished she could pass out just like this .

She was so tired that she wished she were dead .

But at that moment, a firm voice rang out in Feng Wu’s head .

“Do you want to live?

“Master this, or you won’t be able to defeat Xuanyuan Yi .

“You won’t survive if you can’t beat him . ”

If she was dead, no one would bring her beautiful master back to life, no one would be there to protect her family, and no one would kill Zuo Qingluan!

As long as she could breathe, she had to stand up!

Feng Wu pushed herself up from the ground with both hands . Blood oozed out from between her fingers, and there were bloody handprints everywhere .

And it wasn’t just her fingers that were bleeding . Feng Wu’s right foot was soaked with blood, which had seeped through her boot, painting it red…

It was a frightening scene .

A figure had appeared quietly on the wall when no one was looking .

No one knew how long he had been standing there . There was a domineering look in his eyes, which could send a chill down one’s spine .

He kept his unblinking gaze on Feng Wu, and looked as intimidating as death itself . However, there was also a hint of pity in his eyes, and he even looked a little moved .

Jun Linyuan knitted his exquisite straight eyebrows . He jumped off the wall and landed lightly on his feet . He then walked steadily toward Feng Wu on his long legs .

“Let’s continue . ” Biting her lip, Feng Wu stared at Grand Secretary Fang with a resolute look in her eyes .

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“B- Boss Jun?”

Feng Xun was the first to spot Jun Linyuan, and he cried out in surprise .

Hadn’t Boss Jun voluntarily locked himself inside the water dungeon as punishment?

He still had those injuries on him…

Jun Linyuan walked up to Feng Wu and raised his hand, but it never landed on her head .

“You want to continue?” Even Jun Linyuan himself didn’t realize that the expression on his finely sculpted face had changed .

Other people might not know how tiresome or painful training aimed at breaking one’s limits was, but he knew .

All they knew was how fast he made progress and how omnipotent he was, but what they didn’t know was the excruciating pain he had to endure over and over again to break through his limits during his cultivation as he pushed his body to the point of collapse .

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Therefore, when he saw Feng Wu in this state —

Even the crown prince, who had never let any emotions show on his face, was moved .

Feng Wu struggled to look up . Right now, even lifting her head hurt excruciatingly .

She saw an incredibly handsome face with deep-set features, well-defined lines, and a pair of brooding eyes .

One look at his eyes and Feng Wu knew that he understood her .

Many people pitied her and wanted her to stop, but he understood her…

A faint smile appeared on Feng Wu’s fair face . It was barely detectable, but was as bright as fireworks .

“I want to keep going . ”

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With each word, she felt as if a blade was scraping the inside of her throat, but she still grabbed Jun Linyuan’s hand and emphasized each word earnestly .

Feng Xun, Xuan Yi, Chaoge, and Qiuling were all there, and they were all calling out to her, telling her to stop, but she wouldn’t give up .

Jun Linyuan looked down at Feng Wu’s hand .

The teenage girl’s hands used to be so soft and tender, but now, all her fingers were bleeding and trembling uncontrollably .

“I’m with you . ” Taking both hands, he sent a streak of warm spiritual essence from his fingers . It flowed into her body through her injuries .

Feng Wu felt —

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