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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:10:09 AM
Chapter 1162
Chapter 1162 A Touch-and-Go Situation 1 A streak of warm spiritual essence flowed from the teenager’s hands into hers through her bleeding fingertips . Feng Wu, who was barely breathing and looked like a withered flower, slowly revived, as if she had been watered with spiritual water .

“Keep going . ”

The teenager patted her head with his slender fingers, and his lips curled into a smile .

Feng Wu was a little dumbfounded .

But she soon came back to herself . Licking her lower lip, she nodded . “Yes!”

Grand Secretary Fang had been standing a few steps away from them the whole time and hadn’t said a word since Jun Linyuan showed up .

Feng Wu had complained to him quite a few times about how Jun Linyuan picked on her, and the old man had been thinking about finding a time to mention it to His Majesty .

But now —

Seeing the way the teenager patted Feng Wu’s head, Grand Secretary Fang had a strange feeling…

With Jun Linyuan as her training companion, Feng Wu was even more efficient in her practice now, but that didn’t mean that her pain was in any way reduced .

The pain, the dizziness, and the hopeless state were all still there .

Chaoge and Qiuling watched with teary eyes until they cried . More than once, they almost ran over to Feng Wu to wrap their arms around her bloody body and yell, “That’s it . We give up!”

However, when they saw how hard Feng Wu was trying, they sobbed and couldn’t say a word .

Jun Linyuan’s face was as breathtakingly handsome as ever . He kept his gaze on Feng Wu the entire time with a stern look on his face . Every now and then, a pitying look would flicker in his eyes .

No one else noticed, but Grand Secretary Fang, who had been looking closely, was utterly surprised .

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Could it be… Was it what he thought it was? If that really was the case, the girl would never be able to get away from Jun Linyuan .

However, Feng Wu couldn’t see anything else at the moment . She was devoted to her practice and was giving it all she had, sparing no effort!

Right up until the very last moment —

Feng Wu kicked the last white chess piece into the tube!

At that moment, Feng Wu burst into tears . Her legs gave out and she felt backward .

Before her head hit the ground, the teenager rushed to her side to catch her, and he picked her up in both arms .

He looked down at her . His lethal, threatening air was long gone, replaced by a gentleness that no one else had seen before .

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Seeing Feng Wu collapse into Jun Linyuan’s arms, Chaoge and Qiuling were both worried sick!

During Feng Wu’s practice, Chaoge had tried to run to her a few times, but Feng Xun had stopped her each time . Now that the training was over, she finally dashed over like a shooting arrow!

“Xiao Wu! Xiao Wu —”

Chaoge tried to take Feng Wu back from Jun Linyuan .

But the crown prince didn’t even look at her . With Feng Wu still in his arms, he jumped onto the wall with light feet .

“Quickly, go with him . ” Feng Xun tugged at Qiuling and Chaoge . “Go get some warm water and fresh clothes . ”

An hour had passed after they cleaned Feng Wu up .

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“How is she?” Feng Xun stared at Jun Linyuan nervously . “When will little Feng Wu wake up?”

Jun Linyuan knitted his fine eyebrows . “It’s hard to say . ”

“Boss Jun, are you leaving?” Seeing that his leader was leaving, Feng Xun was a little nervous .

Jun Linyuan glanced sideways at him, the look in his eyes brooding .

Before he left, he gave the Fang manor a long look .

Despite its ordinary appearance, the house was equipped with a top-grade essence-gathering formation, which had abundant spiritual essence . He wondered what formation master had designed it .

But Jun Linyuan was on a tight schedule and couldn’t stay here any longer .

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