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Chapter 1160
Chapter 1160 Break Through Xuan Yi shook his head . “She still has a long way to go before she can master the stance, but she’s already making progress at a scary speed . When I was learning the stance, it took me three days to complete stage one . ”Feng Xun stared at Xuan Yi . “This is only stage one?!”

Xuan Yi said, “What do you think? Flying Dragon didn’t earn its reputation for its ability to simplify complicated moves and overcome the enemy with a single strike for nothing . ”

Feng Xun looked sympathetically at Feng Wu . “But look at Xiao Wu… She can barely stand on her feet . ”

Xuan Yi heaved a long sigh . He could see that, too . The girl was soaking wet with sweat, as if she had just climbed out of a river . She was exhausted and was trembling uncontrollably .

She was already like this . How was she supposed to endure the second and third stages, which were even more rigorous?

After Feng Wu successfully kicked the first chess piece into the bamboo tube, she gradually had full control over her power and knew the exact amount of strength to exert . She was simply honing her skill with the other 98 chess pieces .

As expected —

After Feng Wu kicked all the pieces into the bamboo tube, she turned around, panting . She looked at Grand Secretary Fang with a relieved smile on her face, expecting some sort of acknowledgement .

Grand Secretary Fang remained as serious as before . He said solemnly, “We’re only getting started . ”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

Grand Secretary Fang nodded with a straight face . “You can back out now if it’s too much for you . ”

A resolute look appeared on Feng Wu’s exquisite face . She clenched her fists . “No, I can do it . ”

Grand Secretary Fang remained unperturbed, and said with a serious face, “Keep going, then . ”

Feng Xun wanted to say something, but hesitated .

By now, Feng Wu was completely exhausted and her face was ghastly pale . One could tell at a single glance that she had given it her all . How was she supposed to keep going like this?

However, a determined look flickered in Feng Wu’s bright eyes .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were put to use in the second stage .

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Grand Secretary Fang let the two of them take turns to act as Feng Wu’s training partners .

Xuan Yi went first .

He stood in front of the bamboo tube, and what Feng Wu had to do was kick the chess piece so that it flew through the net and avoided Xuan Yi before dropping into the bamboo tube .

What that meant was that Xian Yi was acting as an extra obstacle .

And a very difficult one .

Feng Wu kicked the first piece . Click!

Xuan Yi hit it back .

She kicked again . Click!

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Xuan Yi hit it back again .

And Feng Wu tried again…

Over and over again…

Time ticked by . Feng Wu’s clothes were soaked with sweat and her legs felt like lead . She could barely lift them .

But she was still repeating the same movement as if it had become instinct .

The look on her face was very serious .

And her moves were meticulous .

After a thousand hits, Xuan Yi slipped slightly in his movements, and Grand Secretary Fang replaced him with Feng Xun . The training went on .

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After what seemed like tens of thousands of times of practice —

Crack —

Feng Wu stumbled forward, falling to the ground . She hit her forehead on a rock and blood oozed out right away .

Feng Xun panicked . He was about to rush over to help her up, when Grand Secretary Fang cast a stern look at him .

Crossing his hands behind his back, Grand Secretary Fang looked relentless . “If you don’t want to learn, feel free to give up!

Feng Wu lay on her stomach, feeling drained of all strength

The Taiyi formation had an endless supply of spiritual essence, but she was using her spiritual essence up way faster than it could be replenished .

Feng Wu had continued to absorb spiritual essence from the spiritual stones, and continued to outperform herself .

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