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Published at 15th of October 2020 03:10:06 PM
Chapter 1159: 1159
Chapter 1159 Xiao Wu Has Succeeded? “It’s almost impossible,” Xuan Yi told Feng Xun . “Back then, I tried for a month, but still failed at the last moment . Grandfather has never tried to teach me since . ”Grand Secretary Fang had made up his mind, and the look on his face had never been so stern .

Feng Wu stood in the spacious martial arts arena with go chess pieces covering the ground around her . Each piece was the size of a fingernail .

A net had been hung up a hundred meters away from Feng Wu, and each hole was the size of a chess piece .

Behind the net was a bamboo tube with an opening as small as the human eye .

Grand Secretary Fang gazed at Feng Wu . “There are 99 chess pieces here . Kick each of them through the net into the bamboo tube . ”

The bamboo tube was deep enough to contain all 99 pieces .

That was to say, there was no room for error during this process .

Feng Wu nodded . It might sound difficult, but she had confidence in herself .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu raised her foot and kicked .

The amount of strength she exerted the first time wasn’t right . The chess piece flew through the net, but missed the tube .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu adjusted her breathing and went on practicing .

The second piece hit the tube .

The third one hit the tube again .

It wasn’t until the ninth piece —

Click —

There was a crisp sound . Everyone looked up to see a white chess piece shoot through the net like a streak of white light and fly toward the bamboo tube before there was a click .


“Wow!” Feng Xun cried out in surprise . “She did it! She did it! I didn’t know little Feng Wu was this good!”

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However, Xuan Yi wasn’t as naively optimistic as Feng Xun was . He kept his gaze on the thin bamboo tube .

Crack —

A cracking sound indeed followed!

The white piece exploded in the tube, blasting it to pieces .

The smile froze on Feng Wu’s face .

She knew it… It couldn’t be that easy .

Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu . “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Tilting her head, Feng Wu gave it some thought, and soon got it . “I can exert enough strength, but I don’t know where to stop . ”

Without being able to control her own strength, she would never be able to master this stance .

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Grand Secretary Fang’s face remained stern, but his eyes flickered for a split second . With his hands behind his back, he nodded coldly . “Keep practicing!”

Right now, Grand Secretary Fang was no longer that kind, smiling old man that Feng Wu knew . He had turned into the strictest coach .

Time ticked by, and Feng Wu was only just getting started .

It was extremely difficult to achieve this task in one smooth move .

She kicked one time, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times…

Gradually, Feng Wu’s face was streaked with sweat .

Because of the huge consumption of spiritual essence, Feng Wu’s face had gone ghastly pale, and her thin lips were almost bloodless .

Two thousand… three thousand…

Feng Wu was soaked with sweat . Her legs were shaking and she was exhausted .

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Feng Wu’s slim figure kept repeating the same movement, and it pained Feng Xun to see her like this . He turned to Grand Secretary Fang . “Grand Secretary Fang, is it necessary to push her so hard…”

However, before Feng Xun could finish, Grand Secretary Fang bellowed, “Keep talking if you want her to die!”

Feng Xun shut up immediately .

Just then, there was a click .

Before Feng Wu completely ran out of spiritual essence, she finally kicked a chess piece into the tube, which remained steady . It didn’t even move, let alone explode .

Xuan Yi was dumbfounded . “I can’t believe it!”

Feng Xun was excited . “Did Xiao Wu succeed?”

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