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Published at 15th of October 2020 10:00:12 AM
Chapter 1158: 1158
1158 Flying Dragon Feng Xun nodded . “He’s a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster, but when I fought him, I was able to force him to exert the power of a Level 8 Spiritual Grandmaster in the end . ”

“That doesn’t make him invincible,” mumbled Feng Wu inwardly . She was also a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster, and had fought someone of a higher cultivation level before, hadn’t she?

“But he has an Enchanting Vine, which is as powerful as he is . ” Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu sympathetically .

“An Enchanting Vine?” Feng Wu was bewildered .

Feng Xun said, “That Enchanting Vine moves like a streak of dancing flame . One wrong move and you’ll be entangled in it . Once the vine wraps itself around you, there’s nothing you can do . ”

Feng Wu said, “Ah…”

Feng Xun asked, “Are you scared now?”

Feng Wu shook her head . “Surrendering without putting up a fight? That’s not something I’ll do . ”

Vexed, Feng Xun smacked Feng Wu on the head . “You stubborn girl! Will it kill you to give up once in a while? There! Take it!”

Feng Xun tossed Feng Wu a dagger . The hilt was in the shape of an eerie snake head, and the blade glinted a mesmerizing purple color .

“Purple Lightning?”

Before Feng Wu could identify it, Grand Secretary Fang had already cried out in surprise .

Feng Wu asked, “What’s Purple Lightning?”

Grand Secretary Fang threw a dirty look at Feng Wu . “Purple Lightning is the name of this dagger, and it’s a genuine divine weapon . ”

He then turned to Feng Xun . “Purple Lightning has been missing for years . How did you come by it?”

Feng Xun shrugged . “I borrowed it from Boss Jun . As for where he got it, I have no idea . ”

Hearing Jun Linyuan’s name, Feng Wu immediately asked, “Didn’t His Majesty take him away? You can see him now? Is he alright?”

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Feng Xun glanced at Feng Wu and snorted . “Of course he’s not alright . Right now, he’s…”

Xuan Yi cast a stern look at Feng Xun, who then grimaced and reluctantly looked away .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

Exactly what happened to Jun Linyuan? Feng Wu was a little worried and concerned . In the end, she felt a little uneasy .

Seeing that Feng Wu’s mood was affected by the mention of Boss Jun, Xuan Yi felt much better .

But this was just the beginning…

“The most important thing now is to defeat Xuanyuan Yi,” said Xuan Yi earnestly .

Feng Xun suggested, “How about I go break Xuanyuan Yi’s leg? That way, he won’t be able to fight tomorrow . ”

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Xuan Yi rolled his eyes . “The Xuanyuan family must be on guard now . Xuanyuan Yi will be protected by extremely capable cultivators before the battle tomorrow . You’ll never be able to get close enough . ”

Feng Xun was disheartened by the thought . Had he known, he would have broken Xuanyuan Yi’s leg just then .

“By the way —” Feng Xun turned to Feng Wu and said seriously, “since no one thinks you have much chance of winning, the odds against you are very high at the moment . ”

Feng Wu was speechless .

Grand Secretary Fang glanced at Feng Xun and Xuan Yi . “Since you’re here already, you can help her with her training . ”

“Grandfather?” Xuan Yi’s eyes lit up .

Grand Secretary Fang said, “I’m afraid I’ll have to teach her that stance . ”

“What stance?” Feng Xun was confused .

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Xuan Yi lowered his voice . “Flying Dragon!”

Flying Dragon was Grand Secretary Fang’s unique skill, one that even Xuan Yi hadn’t been taught yet, but now, Grand Secretary Fang was going to teach it to Feng Wu .

Flying Dragon? Feng Xun exclaimed in surprise as well! That was indeed a big deal .

However —

“Will she be able to master it in one night?’ Feng Xun was doubtful .

If Feng Wu really was able to master it, then she would have some hope of defeating Xuanyuan Yi .

What Feng Xun didn’t tell Feng Wu was that after he left, the Xuanyuan family started to train Xuanyuan Yi rigorously .

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