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Chapter 1157: 1157
Chapter 1157 That“s Indeed Very Like Feng Xun

How could she still gloat? Where did she get the courage?

Zuo Qinghan’s analysis went like this: Jun Linyuan was an emotionless and arrogant man who regarded other people’s lives as worthless . Why would he bother picking on anyone?

He didn’t have to do it himself . With a wave of his hand, numerous people would pick on Feng Wu for him .

Zuo Qinghan had a bad feeling . It was based on his intuition as a man .

His Royal Highness… This was the most pressing matter at the moment!

At that thought, Zuo Qinghan asked, “Is the duel between Feng Wu and Xuanyuan Yi tomorrow at noon?”

Zuo Qingyu nodded . “Yes . ”

Zuo Qinghan said, “Alright . I’ll go watch tomorrow . ”

Lady Tao stared at Zuo Qinghan in bewilderment . She couldn’t understand how the subject had switched to Jun Linyuan all of a sudden .

Lady Tao said, “But your brother…”

Zuo Qinghan said solemnly, “Mother, don’t worry . I promise you that we’ll avenge my brother!”

But the most important thing now was to figure out how Jun Linyuan felt about Feng Wu, for that would decide what type of action they would take against her in the future .

The general public knew little about the duel between Feng Wu and Xuanyuan Yi, but almost all of the upper class heard about it .

One was the alleged talent Feng Wu, a former genius who had been crippled, but was said to be back on her feet again .

And her opponent was a genius teenager, whose life had been plain sailing until it had suddenly changed recently .

Which of them would win?

Moreover, it was a battle to the death .

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It had been years since there was a battle to the death in Imperial College .

It was just that Imperial College had a strict hierarchy, and each year had their own territory . Therefore, students from the other years didn’t get involved in this Year 1 matter .

The lively event belonged to Year 1 alone .

While the outside world was discussing it animatedly, Feng Wu remained unperturbed .

Grand Secretary Fang had summoned her to the Fang manor .

Looking at Feng Wu, who was standing in front of him like a good girl, Grand Secretary Fang was at a loss over what to do .

Grand Secretary Fang had a stern look on his face . “Are you that eager to be killed?”

Feng Wu pursed her pink lips . “Why do you think that I’ll lose for sure?”

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Grand Secretary Fang said, “Don’t you know why?”

Feng Wu raised her chin stubbornly . “I’m already quite capable myself . ”

Just then, there were footsteps outside, which sounded familiar . Feng Wu looked over her shoulder .

It was Feng Xun and Xuan Yi .

Like always, Xuan Yi stood there with an aloof manner, a sword between his crossed arms .

It was only when Xuan Yi mentioned it that Feng Xun realized that Feng Wu was so close to Grand Secretary Fang .

Feng Wu asked, “What are you doing here?”

Feng Xun glanced at Feng Wu, as if he was looking at an idiot . “I’m here to see how you’re going to commit suicide . ”

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Feng Wu snorted . “Why are all of you so sure that I’m going to lose?”

Feng Xun poked Feng Wu in her forehead . “That’s very confident of you, but do you know what Xuanyuan Yi’s true capability is now?”

Feng Wu asked, “Do you?”

Feng Xun crossed his arms proudly . “Your brother here just had a fight with someone . ”

Feng Wu cried out in surprise, “Don’t tell me you fought Xuanyuan Yi?”

Feng Xun said, “Who else? You can only win if you know your enemy well, isn’t that right?”

Feng Wu was speechless . That was indeed very like Feng Xun .

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu in resignation . “Give up already . It’s not too late . ”

Feng Wu stared at Feng Xun . “Is he that strong?!”

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