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Published at 14th of October 2020 07:50:10 PM
Chapter 1156
1156 His Royal Highness Loves Picking on Feng Wu

Lady Tao smacked Zuo Qingyu on her head!

Tears welled up in Zuo Qingyu’s eyes at the pain, and she stared at Lady Tao in disbelief . Lady Tao only yelled at her . “It was all because of you! Otherwise, your brother would never have been killed!”

Overwhelmed with guilt, Zuo Qingyu burst into tears…

Lady Tao wanted to hit Zuo Qingyu again, but Zuo Qinghan blocked her way and stared at her with a gloomy look on his face . “Mother, my sister isn’t to be blamed for my brother’s death . ”

Lady Tao said, “Who else am I supposed to blame, then?”

Zuo Qinghan said, “I think the Xuanyuan family probably ordered the hit . ”

Zuo Ming narrowed his eyes . “We can’t afford for our relationship with the Xuanyuan family to deteriorate anymore . ”

Zuo Qinghan smirked . “If we can’t touch the Xuanyuan family for the time being, what about that girl of the Feng family?”

Instantly, all eyes were on Zuo Qinghan .

Zuo Qinghan snorted . “Feng Wu is the reason that all this happened, right? I don’t care if she got away because of her intelligence or sheer luck, I won’t have it!”

The more Zuo Qinghan thought about it, the angrier he became . “Why can Feng Wu walk away, while our Qingliu had to die?!”

Zuo Qingyu took the hint right away and clenched her fists . “That’s right . Why does Feng Wu get to walk away when my brother is dead? Why?!”

Zuo Qinghan snorted . “Isn’t Xuanyuan Yi going to have a duel to the death with Feng Wu? She’s going to die!”

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Zuo Qingyu nodded solemnly . “What a pity . I’m in Year 2 and Feng Wu is in Year 1 . I was planning to pick on her later, but she’s going to be dead soon . ”

Zuo Qinghan snorted . “If you ask me, Feng Wu won’t die that easily . ”

Zuo Qingyu said, “Brother, are you saying that Feng Wu is more capable than Xuanyuan Yi?”

Zuo Qinghan darted a glance at Zuo Qingyu . “Have you forgotten? That girl used to be more talented than Qingluan . ”

Because Feng Wu had been better than Zuo Qingluan in every way, the Zuo family took action and crippled Feng Wu in the end .

Zuo Qingyu said, “But no matter how capable she is now, she can’t be more than a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster, whereas my sister is a Level 7 Spiritual Elder already, and will soon become a Spiritual Lord . ”

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Zuo Qinghan narrowed his eyes . “But nothing can change the fact that Feng Wu has a pretty face . ”

Zuo Qingyu asked, “Brother, what do you mean by that?”

Zuo Qinghan said, “Didn’t she win Young Lord Feng over with her beauty, making Lady Northern Feng dote on her? An ignorant girl like you can’t begin to understand her schemes . ”

Zuo Qinghan snorted . “Other people may be afraid of Feng Xun, but our family isn’t that inferior to Northern Feng Mansion and we won’t be intimidated by him . However, His Royal Highness is a different story . ”

Zuo Qinghan clenched his fists . “What worries me now is that Feng Wu will get close to His Royal Highness through Feng Xun… If that happens, we’ll have a big problem!”

“She won’t!” said Zuo Qingyu resolutely . “His Royal Highness hates Feng Wu . He picks on her all the time and shows no affection toward her whatsoever!”

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“What did you just say? His Royal Highness picks on Feng Wu all the time?”

Zuo Qinghan had only brought it up in passing, but after hearing what Zuo Qingyu said, the look on his face changed, and he was very serious now .

Zuo Qingyu gloated . “That’s right . His Royal Highness loves picking on Feng Wu . He gave her such a difficult time in Imperial College!”

However, Zuo Qinghan only gave Zuo Qingyu a “you idiot” look!

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