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Chapter 1150: 1150
Chapter 1150 Untitled Since Qiao Yi had openly insulted her, Feng Wu wouldn’t endure it anymore . She stopped abruptly, spun around, raised her hand, and slapped Qiao Yi in the face .


It was quick, accurate, and hard!

The slap was loud and clear!

“Argh!” Qiao Yi cried out in disbelief . Covering her red, swollen cheek, she glared at Feng Wu . “How dare you hit me?!”

The rules of Imperial College were very strict . Students were supposed to obey the teachers, but a student had just slapped a teacher, which was unheard of! That was unacceptable!

Instantly, a few other teachers rushed over .

Mr Hu and Mr Sun, whom Feng Wu had met before, were both here .

Qiao Yi glared at Feng Wu, the rims of her eyes red with anger . “You hit me! How dare you hit me?!”

Feng Wu smirked . “Your mouth was filthy . I was cleaning it for you!”

The other teachers had all heard Qiao Yi insult Feng Wu, but none of them had intervened, thinking that it was none of their business .

However, what Feng Wu did incurred their wrath .

Mr Hu stared at Feng Wu . “You unruly girl! How can you treat your teacher like that?!”

Qiao Yi said furiously, “Feng Wu, I don’t care how well-connected you are or who your patron is . All you need to know is: I’m not going to show you any mercy!”

After that, something glinted in Qiao Yi’s hand, and she struck out with a sword!

The blade shone brightly and sword energy filled the air!


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The other teachers blanched a little when they saw this .

Qiao Yi was a Year 1 teacher, which was proof enough of her capability!

As soon as she struck, Feng Wu felt a considerable amount of pressure!

It was a killing move!

Around them, Mr Hu, Mr Sun and the others saw what was happening, but they didn’t try to intervene, for they thought that Qiao Yi was only disciplining a student . Although Qiao Yi’s approach might be a little rough, since the student was a stubborn and unruly one, they didn’t think that Qiao Yi was out of line .

However, Feng Wu smiled a little .

She had presumed that Qiao Yi was quite a capable cultivator, but as soon as the latter struck, Feng Wu realized that at her current cultivation level, she would actually be able to withstand Qiao Yi’s attack!

But before Feng Wu could take action, there was a familiar voice .

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“What on earth is going on here?!”

Chief Yu had shown up . She immediately stepped within range of the attack and smacked away the sword, which had been aimed at Feng Wu’s forehead!

The sword flew through the air, and fell to pierce the ground . Chief Yu, on the other hand, had a grim, stern look on her face when she stared at Qiao Yi .

Qiao Yi was angry and aggrieved . “Chief Yu, she, she insulted me!”

“She insulted you, so you decided to kill her? Have you lost your mind?!” Chief Yu was exasperated .

She had thought Qiao Yi a decent teacher, but why did the girl become so stupid whenever Feng Wu was concerned?

After scolding Qiao Yi, Chief Yu turned around and looked at Feng Wu in resignation .

Every time this girl showed up, she brought with her some new disaster . Was that some sort of supernatural power of hers?

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“Come with me! Both of you!”

Glancing at Feng Wu and Qiao Yi, Chief Yu headed straight for her office .

Qiao Yi glared at Feng Wu and snorted loudly .

Not a single muscle on Feng Wu’s face moved . She remained unperturbed and kept perfectly calm .

Once inside her office, Chief Yu sat down with a dark face . She spun her chair around, then looked up and stared at the two people in front of her .

With one look, Chief Yu shook her head inwardly .

As the teacher and more senior person between the two, Qiao Yi was revealing too much of her emotions, be it joy or anger .

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