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Published at 11th of October 2020 03:35:09 PM
Chapter 1151: 1151
Chapter 1151 I Challenge You! Feng Wu, on the other hand, was a mere girl of 13 or 14, but was so composed and cool-headed, and exhibited aplomb and wisdom beyond her years . This girl would grow into an incredible figure .

Thinking this, Chief Yu asked in an impassive tone, “Now, which one of you can tell me what the dispute is about?”

Before Feng Wu could speak, Qiao Yi was already sobbing with grievance . “Chief Yu, this unruly girl is outrageous! I only said some harsh words and she hit me, her teacher! Since when does Imperial College take in defiant students like her?! She’s practically insulted the entire Imperial College! If a student like that can go unpunished, then the teachers will have no authority left! No one will follow our orders anymore —”

The more Qiao Yi said, the more aggrieved she became as she sobbed . However, Chief Yu cut her off before she could finish .

Chief Yu felt her head hurt, and wondered if the two people had switched souls . Why was the student all calm and composed, while the teacher couldn’t stop sobbing?

She turned to Feng Wu in vexation . “You can explain yourself now . ”

Feng Wu said indifferently, “She insulted me . ”

Chief Yu’s face darkened . “Was that why you hit her? Because she insulted you?!”

Feng Wu snorted . “She deserved it . ”

Chief Yu smacked the table angrily . “Feng Wu, you’re so arrogant!”

Qiao Yi smiled a little . She thought that Feng Wu wouldn’t be able to talk her way out this time .

Feng Wu only smiled . “I may be arrogant, but I didn’t try to kill someone . ”

Chief Yu was struck dumb right away .

Feng Wu chuckled . “Plus, as a teacher, she couldn’t even fend off a student . Is that normal?”

Chief Yu was rendered speechless .

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Qiao Yi was infuriated . “I can’t fend you off? That’s preposterous!”

Feng Wu only smiled . “Didn’t I beat you?”

Qiao Yi went scarlet in the face . “Ha! You’re not even listed in the first 900 on the billboard of Year 1 students! How dare you act so arrogantly in front of me?! Where do you find the courage?!”

Feng Wu said, “Where? From my talent . ”

“Fine!” Qiao Yi was almost driven mad with rage . “Fight me, then!”

Feng Wu smirked . “If I win, you’re not qualified to teach me anymore . ”

Qiao Yi grunted . “If you win, I’ll quit this job!”

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Feng Wu only smiled, but said nothing .

Chief Yu was about to say something, when there was a cold voice outside . “I’ll fight her . ”

Turning around, Feng Wu saw a familiar face .

It was Xuanyuan Yi .

And he wasn’t alone . A few of his friends were with him . One of them was called Bai Xiangyang, and he gave Feng Wu a contemptuous look .

“Xuanyuan Yi?” Qiao Yi cried out in surprise .

Everyone in the imperial capital was talking about the Xuanyuan family incident . No one had expected Xuanyuan Yi to still come to school now .

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Xuanyuan Yi was the most famous new student this year, and was expected to have a promising future, but now —

Xuanyuan Yi stared at Feng Wu with cold, hateful eyes . There was so much hatred in them that they almost bled!

Other people might not know what happened that day, but Xuanyuan Yi certainly did, as someone who had been in on the scheme .

He even taught Xuanyuan Ying to enter that secret room through that formation .

However, Xuanyuan Yi had never expected things to turn around like that in the end .

Although he didn’t have any direct evidence, Xuanyuan Yi still fixed all his hatred on Feng Wu!

Staring at Feng Wu, Xuanyuan Yi said in a cold voice, “I challenge you!”

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