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Chapter 1149
Chapter 1149 Untitled Her other plan was to find leads on the broken star piece . Since Jun Linyuan wouldn’t tell her, she would have to figure it out herself . Before she left home, Feng Wu went to her beautiful mother and put that golden flexible armor on the latter herself .

In Imperial College —

The college had never been this lively before .

The Year 1 quarter .

Blue Cloud Court .

“Have you heard? Something happened in the Xuanyuan family . ”

“Everyone’s heard about it by now . Who would have thought? Lady Cai and Zuo Qingliu… that’s some hardcore stuff . ”

“Xuanyuan Yi looks as noble as a prince . Who would’ve thought he has such a mother?”

“Hey, which family do you think he really belongs to? The Xuanyuan or the Zuo family?”

“By the way, I heard that Feng Wu was somehow involved?”

“She got lost or something and the others went to look for her . They stumbled on Lady Cai and Zuo Qingliu during the search . ”

“Oh, god! So Feng Wu started the whole thing?”

It was human nature to gossip, even when the people in question were talented new students of Imperial College .

“That’s right . Feng Wu was the reason this happened, so things are so awkward for her now . ”

“Do you think the Xuanyuan family will go after Feng Wu for it?”

“I’m sure they will . If she hadn’t gone lost, Lady Cai’s affair wouldn’t have been exposed . ”

“Plus, the Zuo family must really hate Feng Wu . I heard that Zuo Qingliu is dead . ”

“Wow! Really? Zuo Qingliu is dead? He’s the second son of the Zuo family!”

“His sister is Zuo Qingluan, and the Zuo family has prospered in the last few years . Feng Wu is going to be in so much trouble . ”

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While everyone was discussing the topic, Feng Wu walked into Imperial College .

The newbie quarter —

“There’s Feng Wu! She’s here . ”

“Seriously? She’s bold enough to come to school at a time like this? Isn’t she afraid of death?”

“Why don’t I see her? Where did she go?”

“I was walking behind her, and saw her enter the teachers’ office . ”

“What’s she doing there?”

Everyone was curious .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu had indeed gone to see the teachers .

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Qiao Yi and the other teachers were all in the office, except for Chief Yu .

Qiao Yi’s face darkened as soon as she spotted Feng Wu .

It was her —

Qiao Yi snorted . Someone had visited her at home the night before and made a deal with her . The deal was about none other than Feng Wu .

Little did she expect to find Feng Wu on her doorstep the following day .

Seeing that Chief Yu wasn’t there, Feng Wu turned to leave, but Qiao Yi stopped her .

“You didn’t even greet your teachers . Is that how a student should behave?” Qiao Yi smirked .

Feng Wu glanced at Qiao Yi with a frown .

Qiao Yi was sneering inwardly . Before, Feng Wu had been backed by someone superior and Grand Secretary Fang had been nice to her, so Qiao Yi couldn’t afford to offend her .

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But now, both the Xuanyuan and Zuo families wanted Feng Wu dead . Hence, Qiao Yi didn’t think there would be any consequences to turning against Feng Wu .

Qiao Yi was very confident . Rising from her seat, she went up to Feng Wu with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face . “What a surprise . I didn’t think you would be bold enough to show up here at school . ”

Feng Wu turned to leave .

But Qiao Yi wouldn’t let her .

“Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you disrespect me? You’re no more than a dog to me!”

Qiao Yi was young herself, after all . She had only been a teacher here for a year, and deep down, she was still spoiled and arrogant .

Feng Wu was never the docile type . She might not be bothered to retort to Qiao Yi at any other time, but now —

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