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Chapter 1148: 1148
Chapter 1148 Untitled Feng Wu asked, “A strategic partnership?”Feng Xun nodded . “Yes . They formed an alliance . And the Zuo family is already in an alliance with the Dugu family . ”

Feng Wu nodded . “I see . ”

Feng Xun snorted . “If those three families really join hands, their influence will be unprecedented . If that happens, Northern Feng Mansion will never be able to suppress them . ”

He then chuckled . “But what happened at the birthday party was such a happy coincidence . A spoiled third generation of the Zuo family, and the oldest daughter-in-law of the Xuanyuan family, who is also in charge of the household affairs – not only were they having an affair, they were also caught in the act by so many people .

“The Xuanyuan and Zuo families tried to keep the news from spreading, but it isn’t something that they can keep a secret . Northern Feng Mansion certainly won’t let that happen . ”

Feng Xun gloated . “That’s what I’ve been doing these days: making sure that the entire imperial capital knows about it . Everyone is talking about the love affair between those two now . ”

He then turned to Feng Wu . “So the two families are at loggerheads, and they won’t form that close alliance now .

“Moreover, Zuo Qingliu is dead now . It was done very quietly and without a trace . ” Feng Xun said with a smile, “The Zuo family thinks the Xuanyuan family did it, and the Xuanyuan family thinks it was the Zuo family . They’re busy suspecting each other now . I’ll be surprised if they can still work together after this . ”

Feng Wu was pleasantly surprised .

She never expected killing Zuo Qingliu to bring so many merits .

Back when she visited the Flying Guillotine, she had picked Zuo Qingliu only because he was an easy target . Poor kid…

“So, what’s the bad news?” asked Feng Wu .

“The bad news is…” Feng Xun glanced at Feng Wu . “The whole thing started when they went looking for you . Since the two families have no one else to blame, they’ve decided to blame you now . ”

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Feng Wu said, “How is that my fault?!”

Feng Xun sighed deeply . “I know, but that’s the way things are . It’s only human nature to prey on easy targets . So —”

Feng Wu turned to Feng Xun .

Feng Xun said, “Why don’t you move into Northern Feng Mansion for the time being? Mother thinks it’s too dangerous to leave you here . ”

After some consideration, Feng Wu said, “I don’t think they’ll go that far . After all, they’re each other’s biggest enemy at the moment . ”

Feng Wu didn’t think that the conflict between the two families was big enough yet . She needed to think of something and use this opportunity to escalate the conflict between the Zuo and Xuanyuan families .

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As long as the two families were at each other’s throats, they would have no time for her, and she could continue to progress in peace .

At that thought —

“I need to go to Imperial College,” said Feng Wu .

Feng Xun frowned . “Go to Imperial College? Now?”

Feng Wu said, “The way to the college might be dangerous, but once I get there, I’ll have Grand Secretary Fang behind me . No one will do anything to me . ”

As for her family’s safety, fortunately, she had Chang San, which settled Feng Wu’s mind .

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Feng Xun said, “I’ll go to Imperial College with you . ”

Feng Wu said, “Sure . ”

She was going to Imperial College for two things .

One was to apply for home schooling .

Feng Wu had done the maths: her cultivation speed would be doubled with the Taiyi formation at home, which would be so much faster than if she studied at the college .

Therefore, why should she give up such an excellent resource at home and take the long route to school every day?

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