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Chapter 1147: 1147
Chapter 1147 Untitled Lady Northern Feng nodded . “That’s right . Kiddo, don’t be afraid . I’m on your side . If you don’t want him, no one can force you!”Feng Wu looked gratefully at Lady Northern Feng .

If Jun Linyuan really was fond of her, Lady Northern Feng would have to face Jun Linyuan’s wrath . Feng Wu couldn’t imagine the amount of pressure Lady Northern Feng would have on her shoulders .


Feng Wu swore to herself that when she was strong enough, she would do everything she could to repay the lady for her kindness .

After Lady Northern Feng and Feng Xun left, Feng Wu relaxed and slipped into deep slumber .

Feng Wu slept as if she was in a trance .

She only woke up three days later .

Waking up, Feng Wu realized that she was covered in sweat and was all sticky .

Qiuling had run a warm bath already, and she helped Feng Wu into the tub .

Just then, they heard footsteps outside .

Feng Xiaoqi went out to greet the guest, and they heard the boy’s voice almost right away .

“Sister, Sister, Brother Feng Xun is here . ”

Qiuling was about to put some nice clothes and makeup on Feng Wu, but the latter found it too much trouble, and only let Qiuling tie her hair up loosely . She then threw on something simple and went out to meet Feng Xun .

The teenage girl reminded Feng Xun of the most tender bud in early spring . She was as pure as spring morning dew and looked most refreshing .

This girl…

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Feng Xun sighed with emotion, amazed by how striking the girl was . He wondered how stunning she would become in a few years, when she was all grown up .

Feng Wu waved a fair, slender hand in front of his face .

It immediately woke Feng Xun from his reverie .

Sitting down in front of him, Feng Wu cut to the chase . “What’s happening out there?”

Feng Xun was surprised . “How did you know?”

Feng Wu said grumpily, “You wouldn’t come here for no reason . Since you’re here waiting for me, something major must have happened . ”

Feng Xun asked, “Do you want the good news or the bad news?”

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Feng Wu gave Feng Xun a grumpy look . “The good news . ”

“The good news is: Zuo Qingliu is dead . ” Feng Xun looked elated and asked cheerfully, “Do you know where they found him?”


“Perching Phoenix . ” Feng Xun laughed wholeheartedly . “Right, you don’t know what Perching Phoenix is, do you? It’s a famous brothel in the imperial capital . ”

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu knew what Perching Phoenix was . Not only had she been there before, Feng Xun had been there at the time, too . He had searched for her everywhere… Of course, she would never tell Feng Xun that .

“Zuo Qingliu is dead? Did someone kill him?” Feng Wu rubbed her chin .

Feng Xun said, “I heard that it was a secret attack by the Xuanyuan family . After all, what happened between Zuo Qingliu and Lady Cai finally got out . ”

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Feng Wu frowned a little . Since Lady Cai and Zuo Qingliu had wanted her dead the other day, she didn’t show them any mercy either .

An eye for an eye . Feng Wu thought it was a fair trade .

However —

“If the Xuanyuan family was clever enough, they shouldn’t have assassinated Zuo Qingliu so soon . ” Feng Wu rubbed her chin .

Feng Xun nodded . “You don’t say . They should have forced the Zuo family to hand Zuo Qingliu over to be taken back to the Xuanyuan family, where they could kill him openly!

“Although, Zuo Qingliu’s death is good news for us . ” Feng Xun chuckled . “Xiao Wu, guess what? Just before Old Master Xuanyuan’s birthday party, the Zuo and Xuanyuan families formed a strategic partnership . ”

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