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Chapter 1145: 1145
Chapter 1145 Untitled Feng Wu turned to Feng, looking concerned . “His Royal Highness…”Feng never blatantly showed off his capability the way Jun Linyuan did . Since he was known to be Jun Linyuan’s most helpful wingman, Feng would never let such a great opportunity go to waste . He wouldn’t be Feng the steward if he didn’t do anything now .

“Sigh —” Feng heaved a long sigh . “Miss Feng Wu, please sit back down . His Royal Highness has left instructions that I should return you safely to Fallen Star Yard . ”

Feng Wu decided that she wouldn’t sit back inside the carriage, and instead took a seat next to Feng . “Mr Feng, that person from just then, is he His Majesty’s man?”

Feng nodded .

“Is he a very capable cultivator?”

Feng said, “There are always a lot of capable men around His Majesty . ”

“Will Jun Linyuan be alright?” After all, Jun Linyuan had only offended the colossal Xuanyuan clan because he had been defending her .

Feng said, “Of course there will be consequences . After all, Old Master Xuanyuan had all four limbs cut off for no reason . ”

Feng Wu bit her lower lip . “But His Majesty is fond of His Royal Highness…”

Feng sighed . “So what if His Majesty is? His Royal Highness lost his temper over a beautiful woman, and what he did frightened a lot of people . What if the other influential families join hands and oppose him?”

Feng Wu was baffled . “Since when did he lose his temper over a beautiful woman?”

Feng only gave Feng Wu a knowing look and remained silent .

Biting her lower lip, Feng Wu was conflicted .

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She wondered if Jun Linyuan had really drawn out his sword for her . If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have injured Old Master Xuanyuan so severely… Was he fond of her… No, that couldn’t be…

Feng Wu was so befuddled that she couldn’t think straight anymore .

Feng looked at Feng Wu as he drove the carriage .

Good . The stubborn girl was finally acknowledging the possibility . The fact that she was conflicted instead of showing indifference was great progress . After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day .

After returning to Fallen Star Yard, Feng Wu was still absent-minded when she walked in .

“Miss, are you alright?’ Qiuling steadied Feng Wu as soon as she saw the latter .

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If she hadn’t acted in time, her mistress would have bumped her head on the doorframe .

“I’m okay . ” Feng Wu shook her head .


“I need to lie down . ”

“But Young Master Feng Xun is here . ” Qiuling looked at Feng Wu .

Feng Xun?!

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Feng Wu turned around immediately to see Feng Xun enter the courtyard . He wasn’t alone . Lady Northern Feng was with him .

Lady Northern Feng looked concerned when she saw Feng Wu, and told Qiuling right away, “Quickly, help your mistress inside so that she can rest . She lost a lot of blood today, and needs to recover . ”

Instantly, Qiuling was worried sick . She helped Feng Wu lie down, then busied herself with taking care of the latter .

Feng Wu half-reclined in bed while Lady Northern Feng tucked the duvet tightly around her, fearing that the cold air might get in .

Feng Wu smiled wryly . “I’m not that fragile . ”

Lady Northern Feng threw a dirty look at Feng Wu . “You went through a lot today . You were injured, terrified, and lost a lot of blood . Other girls would have passed out by now . Luckily, you’re tougher than they are . ”

Come to think of it, ever since she left home the night before, Feng Wu had been busy .

She went to the Flying Guillotine first, and was recognized by Feng Xun as the ugly girl on her way back, which led to his hot pursuit of her . When she was finally able to take a short break in Northern Feng Mansion, she set out for the birthday party in the Xuanyuan Mansion, during which time she was set up and poisoned… One slip and she could have lost her life .

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