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Chapter 1144: 1144
Chapter 1144 Untitled Jun Linyuan’s eyes in his good-looking face looked like a pair of bottomless pools . Feng Wu was rendered speechless on the spot!

“Is the broken star piece that important to you?” Feng Wu smiled bitterly when she heard the question .

Of course the broken star piece was important to her . It was more important than her life .

However, she couldn’t give him that answer .

Jun Linyuan’s eyes were so bright and piercing that she wouldn’t be able to keep any secrets from him .

Involuntarily, Feng Wu looked away, evading the searching look in his eyes .

“What do you need it for?” Jun Linyuan wasn’t going to go easy on Feng Wu .

His beautiful face was breathtaking, and when he leaned over, he was so close that Feng Wu could feel his hot breath on her face .

Feng Wu’s cheeks flushed and her ears heated up . She gave Jun Linyuan a little shove and glared at him . “Are you going to tell me or not?!”

Jun Linyuan looked slightly disappointed .

Intuition told him that it was a very important secret for her, but obviously, she wasn’t planning to share it with him .

Probably because she didn’t trust him enough yet… Deep down, the crown prince was a little upset .

Feng Wu glanced at the crown prince in bewilderment . The guy had looked normal just a moment ago; why did he have a gloomy look on his face all of a sudden?

The crown prince’s temper was so unpredictable .

Feng didn’t witness the whole thing, but he could sense the atmosphere in the carriage .

The old man shook his head with a wry smile . The crown prince usually never let his expression reveal anything, but around Feng Wu, his emotions were written all over his face .

Feng Wu poked him with a finger . “So, what’s the deal with this stone?” Just say something, please .

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Jun Linyuan had lost interest altogether . Stuffing the stone back into Feng Wu’s hands, he crossed his hands behind his head and wouldn’t even look at her .

Feng Wu nudged Jun Linyuan, but no matter how hard she tried, the guy wouldn’t talk to her .

Just then, the sound of a galloping horse quickly approached them from behind . Hearing that, Jun Linyuan frowned a little, then sat back up and straightened his back .

A cold voice came from outside the carriage .

The owner of the voice then started a conversation with Feng .

The voice sent a chill down Feng Wu’s spine . How emotionless it sounded! She wondered who the man was .

Lifting the curtain up a little, she stole a peek outside . The man rode a big horse and was covered from head to toe in a black robe with a large bamboo rain hat on his head, giving him a mysterious and unapproachable look .

“His Majesty wants to see His Royal Highness . Now!”

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The man showed Feng a token .

It was a color that Feng Wu had never seen before, but she could tell that the atmosphere had turned serious .

Involuntarily, she darted a glance at Jun Linyuan .

She then saw Jun Linyuan raise the curtain of the carriage as he prepared to leave .

“Jun Linyuan…” Feng Wu tugged at his sleeve and looked anxiously at him .

She wondered if Emperor Wu had heard about the incident with Old Master Xuanyuan, and she was worried that Jun Linyuan would be punished for it .

Although the teenager had always struck her as all-powerful, he was still just the crown prince, not the actual emperor .

He had crippled the head of an influential family for no obvious reason, and she couldn’t imagine how big an impact that would have . If the other influential families joined hands…

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The more she thought about it, the more worried Feng Wu became . Distress was etched across her face .

Jun Linyuan looked back at her . From Feng Wu’s perspective, the straight line of his nose bridge was breathtaking .

He, on the other hand, found the earnest look on her face rather endearing .

“Silly girl . ” Jun Linyuan looked up and rubbed her head . There was a tenderness in his voice that even he wasn’t aware of . “Have you forgotten who I am?”

He was Jun Linyuan, the omnipotent teenager .

Jun Linyuan left Feng with some instructions after he got out of the carriage . He then summoned his mount and rode off with the man in black .

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