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Published at 9th of October 2020 03:20:06 AM
Chapter 1146: 1146
Chapter 1146 Untitled After thinking back to everything that had happened so far, Feng Wu smiled weakly, her face still pale . “Luckily, nothing too bad happened . ”After the others left the room, Lady Northern Feng took Feng Wu’s hand in hers, then caressed the girl’s forehead with her other hand . It pained her to see Feng Wu like this .

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “Mother, why are you suddenly…”

Lady Northern Feng heaved a deep sigh . “Xiao Wu, you have to be honest with me . ”

Feng Wu looked from Feng Xun to Lady Northern Feng . “About what?”

Lady Northern Feng asked, “What do you think of His Royal Highness?”

A frown appeared on Feng Wu’s pale face . “What about His Royal Highness?”

Lady Northern Feng was used to being straightforward, so she cut to the chase right away .

She asked directly, “His Royal Highness is in love with you, isn’t he?”

Feng Wu bolted up while Lady Northern Feng was still bent over, and their foreheads smacked into each other . Thump —

“Ouch —” Covering her forehead, Feng Wu cried out in pain .

Lady Northern Feng threw a dirty look at Feng Wu and rubbed her forehead for her . “Are you alright? Does it hurt?”

Feng Wu said, “Yes…”

Lady Northern Feng grunted . “Even I can tell that His Royal Highness is in love with you . Why are you still so agitated?”

Feng Wu clenched her fists . “No! He’s not in love with me!”

Lady Northern Feng glanced at Feng Wu . “He really is . Xiao Wu, stop lying to yourself . I have the sharpest eyes, you know . ”

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Feng Wu said, “I…”

She turned to Feng Xun for help .

Hadn’t Feng Xun always thought that she was hopelessly in love with Jun Linyuan, while the guy wouldn’t even look at her?

However, Feng Xun crouched down next to her bed and looked into her eyes .

“Xiao Wu, I owe you an apology . I’ve been so wrong in thinking that you wouldn’t leave Boss Jun alone . In fact, it’s Boss Jun who has his eye on you . ”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

What was going on today?

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Back in the carriage, the way Jun Linyuan spoke to her had been so intimate, which was odd .

Then, Feng gave her that little speech outside the carriage .

Now, even Lady Northern Feng and Feng Xun were asking her about it…

What day was it today? Why did it seem like the whole world was telling her that Jun Linyuan was in love with her?

But in fact, Jun Linyuan wasn’t even nice to her . He always had mood swings around her, and his temper was so erratic . How could that be a sign that he was in love with her?

Feng Wu didn’t agree with that conclusion . If she was in love with someone, she would do all she could to take care of him and be there for him .

Before she knew it, that handsome, god-like man in his white robe came to mind…

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“Xiao Wu —” Lady Northern Feng’s voice woke Feng Wu from her reverie .

Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Lady Northern Feng said earnestly, “We’ll talk about His Royal Highness’s feelings for you later . The most important thing is, do you like His Royal Highness or not?”

Feng Wu shook her head immediately . “No —”

Although her reply was expected, Lady Northern Feng still found it hard to understand . “His Royal Highness is the most outstanding man of his generation, and the Junwu Empire hasn’t seen a young cultivator like him for hundreds of years…”

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “I know His Royal Highness is unparalleled in his talent and capability, but I don’t have to be in love with him just because he’s an outstanding man . ”

“You’re so right!” Lady Northern Feng held both Feng Wu’s hands!

She had always thought highly of Feng Wu, and once again, Feng Wu didn’t let her down .

“Plus, His Royal Highness is so popular with girls . His future wife will have such a difficult life . ” Feng Wu smiled .

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