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Chapter 114: Would It Kill To Wait A Little? !

Feng Xun pushed away this 'elder sister', as his eyes searched around inside the room. Not here, beat it!

The second room. Feng Xun's leg kicked again and entered.

That 'elder sister' didn't even have a chance to open her mouth before Feng Xun yelled loudly. "Don't move!"

After he finished searching, he left disappointedly.

Following that was the third room, the fourth room……

The entire brothel was ransacked, and the Immortal Spirit Fruit's scent also almost completely faded away, yet Feng Xun still didn't find any shadow of Feng Wu. Only at this time did he finally realize that it was no good!

Feng Xun rushed outside fiercely. "Boss Jun, not here! She's not inside!"

"Hm." Jun Lin Yuan nodded his head calmly.

"Then what's to be done now?" Feng Xun anxiously scratched his ear, practically jumping up and down. "We were so close to catching her, yet still allowed her to escape. Is her last name 'slip', or someth'n? 'Slip' as in 'slip away'!"

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of profound eyes narrowed. It's difficult to fathom what's reflected in eyes so deep the bottom wasn't visible. He only said one word. "Wait."

"Wait?" Feng Xun felt so impatient, he nearly bounced up. "But how're we supposed to wait? The scent of the Immortal Spirit Fruit can only fade with time and what lies before us is a street with an unending flow of people. Once she makes her way into the crowd, she'll be like a fish that entered the ocean. She'll disappear in but a moment. It'll be even more difficult to catch her in the future!"

Yet Jun Lin Yuan shook his head calmly. "Not at all."

"Boss Jun, what you mean to say is……"

Jun Lin Yuan hadn't spoken before Xuan Yi interjected. "We're not waiting for the girl to walk into a trap, rather, we're waiting for her to……release another smell."

Once Feng Xun heard, he suddenly slapped his head. "I get it! That girl swallowed a pill made from the Immortal Spirit Fruit. Before she's able to completely refine it, her body will need to release gas……this gas will contain the Immortal Spirit Fruit's smell, ha ha ha, right, that's right. We'll just purposefully wait for her to fart!"

Jun Lin Yuan. "……"

"But how long are we supposed to wait for that?" Feng Xun anxiously looked in every direction.

"It's coming." Jun Lin Yuan suddenly spoke.

Feng Xun's sense of smell naturally wasn't as sharp as Jun Lin Yuan's, but after he's been warned by the latter, he focused seriously and also smelled a trace of something unique. "That right! That's the Immortal Spirit Fruit's smell. It's at the northeast direction! Right on!"

Feng Xun took the lead and charged forward!

Xuan Yi turned towards a different direction to flank him. "I'll also go!"

Jun Lin Yuan watched Feng Xun and Xuan Yi as interest sparked in his eyes. He didn't quickly overtake them at all. Instead, his hands crossed behind him as if he's taking a leisurely stroll through a garden. Appearing as if success was in the grasp of his hands.

At this moment, Feng Wu face already turned green!

She started to truly become aware that……after the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill was consumed, farting was surprisingly one of the side effects!

If she had known this earlier, she wouldn't have consumed that pill at the time no matter what! Would it kill her to wait a little? !

Wasn't she clearly telling other people her position, wasn't she telling everybody 'hurry and come after me, hurry and come after me'?

After she left Spring Fragrance House, Feng Wu immediately rushed towards landlord Lang's home in Northern Territory City. After she circled around his home, she was glad from the bottom of her heart, because she was able to throw off Feng Xun's pursuit……but in the end, she released a resounding fart!

At that time, Feng Wu knew that she was screwed……

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