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Chapter 115: Then What Do I Need You For?

Once she turned around, she indeed saw Feng Xun dashing on the rooftops towards her from a distance.

The young man quickly advanced towards her general direction without any hesitation. It was clear that he was making a beeline towards his target!

Feng Wu had no time to think about anything else as she immediately made a turn inside Landlord Lang's garden. After she jumped over several streets again, she arrived at a small alley.

Feng Wu started to disguise herself, dressed entirely in coarse fabrics, making up her face to look dirty. In merely a few minutes, she completely took on a different identity and became a filthy little beggar.

She hoped that the strong stink of a beggar could cover up the Immortal Spirit Fruit's scent.

Feng Xun watched people coming and going on the street, and sniffed the air with all of his might. However……that extremely faint smell, couldn't be detected.

Feng Xun's brows furrowed tensely, deeply worried.

Actually, at this moment, Feng Wu was sitting at a street corner not ten meters from him.

Her hair was bound into a knot, face smeared and dirty, sitting cross-legged and leaning against a wall. Sitting there in the sun, a broken bowl was even placed in front of her……remarkably like a little beggar.

Her eyes were lowered watching Feng Xun's frowning appearance. She felt both nervous and excited!

She'd just sat down when Feng Xun arrived. His speed was truly scary. If she didn't know how to disguise herself, it was very likely that she would've already been caught.

Feng Xun's eyes didn't even sweep over the little beggar's face once as he looked all around. His eyebrows furrowed more and more deeply.

Just at this time——

A figure arrived in front of Feng Xun.

"You haven't found her?" Xuan Yi frowned as he asked.

Feng Xun's complexion looked terrible. "I followed the smell and directly rushed over. It's reasonable to say that I shouldn't have failed to find her, but, unexpectedly, not a trace of the smell is left."

Xuan Yi's brows creased even more deeply. "I approached from the side. I originally thought that if the girl escaped from your grasp, I could still make a move to bar her way. I didn't expect that I haven't so much as seen a shadow of her."

"Where's Boss Jun?" Feng Xun asked.

"Over there." Xuan Yi's finger moved and pointed at a place not far away, where an icily arrogant figure was slowly walking towards them.

Feng Xun anxiously exclaimed. "Boss Jun, aren't you sad? If you personally made a move, can that girl still escape?"

Jun Lin Yuan's black robes remained still, unaffected by wind. His outstandingly handsome face absorbed one's soul as he stood upright proudly, hands crossed behind him, shaking his head indifferently. "Not making a move."

"Why not? !" Feng Xun was distressed.

Jun Lin Yuan's star-like eyes swept over Feng Xun's face. "If I need to personally make a move just to chase after a disabled girl who didn't have any spirit qi, then what do I need you for?"

Feng Xun. "……" He was actually left speechless.

Nevertheless, against all reason, after he'd been tricked by the disabled girl once, the second time around currently……she again almost slipped away!

There'd never been a time in his life when, he, Feng Xun, had ever been so humiliated before!

"Ok fine, ok fine. It's most fair that Boss Jun doesn't participate. I really don't believe that the two of us, I and Xuan Yi won't be able to catch that girl!" Feng Xun's eyes looked around all over the place. This time, he finally noticed the little beggar.

He directly faced that little beggar and as quick as lightning, spoke while he went and grabbed Feng Wu. "I got it!"

Feng Wu's heart clenched!

She planned to stand up and run, but before she stood up, Feng Xun already grabbed her wrist firmly with a quick motion!

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