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Chapter 113: Feng Xun Completely Turned Green In The Face!

Feng Xun was floating in the air exerting himself in sniffing a few times. He at once turned to a different direction and charged towards Spring Fragrance House.

Feng Wu chose Spring Fragrance House in the beginning only because it was near, and also because the smell of cosmetics was strong here. Even if it couldn't completely mask the scent on her body, it could still mix it up a bit……

However, as she turned her head and saw Feng Xun fix his gaze on Spring Fragrance House and directly charged over, she already barely had enough time to rush out. She could only push open a door in passing and hid inside!

And at this moment, Feng Xun already charged inside Spring Fragrance house like a burst of wind……Jun Lin Yuan, Xuan Yi, and the rest was standing at the doorway instead, looking at the handsome Feng Xun.

"Little Fifth, get the hell out here——" Feng Xun charged inside Spring Fragrance House in one go, without the slightest misgiving and stood at the staircase as he shouted in every direction.

It's not that he didn't want to find Feng Wu, rather, fragrant yet smelly scents already pervaded inside the entire Spring Fragrance House. He simply was unable to distinguish Feng Wu's specific position.

His wild yelling didn't manage to make Feng Wu appear. Instead, he woke up every single lady inside Spring Fragrance House.

"Who is it, so noisy? Doesn't he know Spring Fragrance House's rules? We only conduct business at night!" A woman with a gorgeous appearance, whose clothes were half exposed, stretched her head outside her window and shouted loudly towards the staircase.

Due to Spring Fragrance House's floor plan, a huge wood colored circular staircase was situated at the center of the reception hall.

After that gorgeous woman was woken up by the loud noise, she impatiently stretched her head and roared, following which, her sleepy eyes suddenly brightened bigtime!

After that, she shouted. "Good god! A hot, handsome young man dropped down from the heavens! Hurry and come out sisters!"

The sound of someone mumbling transmitted from inside the neighboring room. "Sister Spring, stop being noisy, go to sleep……"

"Forget sleeping, where can we find such a pretty, handsome young man? Still not coming out quickly and receive our guest? !"

Northern Territory City deserved to be known for being tough as nails. Even Spring Fragrance House's brothel madame was so formidable.

Once these words were spoken, Feng Xun was immediately scared shitless as his strong body shook!

Sister Spring's words were still quite effective. At once, each and every sleeping, drowsy-eyed young lady stretched their heads out their windows to look around.

"Oh my goodness, Sister Spring wasn't wrong——"

"Such a handsome young gentleman——"

"Look you guys, his face is turning red from embarrassment. Sure enough, a young man is full of vigour. It seems that this elder sister must personally, properly serve him."

All of these voices entirely, completely transmitted into Feng Xun's ear.

Feng Xun. "……"

He really wanted to turn on his heels, however, once he thought of that ugly girl, he immediately restrained himself. "I know where you're hiding. Do you want come out on your own or should I come and get you? !"

The only responses he received came from those brothel sisters who were openly teasing him.

Feng Xun was angered to the extreme. "Good, very good, very very good——you're going to hide and not come out, right? Do you think I won't go up there? Heh heh, just wait and see if I dare to or not!"

Once he finished speaking, Feng Xun then thump thump thump, quickly stepped upstairs!

He pushed open the first door on the second floor——

"Young man, are you looking for this Elder Sister? Red lipped, white toothed little brother, you're exactly the type I like, oooh——" Once she finished speaking, this Sister Li Hong was going to throw herself at him.

Feng Xun completely turned green in the face!

And at present, Feng Wu, once she saw that the situation was unfavorable, she immediately——jumped out from another window. She flipped her body nimbly as she hooked her legs and braced herself against the window frame, after which she jumped over the roof. Her graceful and flexible body jumped from the rooftop into the alley behind Spring Fragrance House. Then with the help of a wall she applied force to vault over it and into a neighboring courtyard——

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