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Chapter 1137: 1137
Chapter 1137 His Royal Highness Demonstrates His Power “It’s the Peerless Battleaxe!” Xuanyuan Ze cried out in surprise . The Peerless Battleaxe was Xuanyuan Kun’s ultimate weapon, and the old man wouldn’t use it unless it was absolutely necessary .

The battle hadn’t started yet, and already the Old Master had taken out his ultimate battleaxe, which showed how highly he thought of Jun Linyuan .

Instantly, many people turned their eyes to Jun Linyuan .

The crown prince’s face was breathtakingly beautiful, but right now, no one was paying attention to his good looks . All they could sense was his terrifying energy .

“Bring it on!”

Old Master Xuanyuan charged out furiously, and his battleaxe swept through the air!

Even in a deadly battle like this, the crown prince remained splendidly elegant . He didn’t use any sort of weapon, for his weapon was his hands .

The Peerless Battleaxe swung at Jun Linyuan’s face, moving as fast as a streak of lightning .

The crowd was overwhelmed by a suffocating sensation!

The sky overhead twisted, and crushing energy fell down on them!

Everyone else stumbled back, then back again .

“Cough, cough —”

Feng Wu had been lying in Jun Linyuan’s arms the whole time . Right now, her cheeks were flushed, and the enormous pressure sent her into a fit of coughing .

Looking down, Jun Linyuan studied the teenage girl’s bloodless face .

The girl had always been as vibrant as the spring sunshine and morning dew around him .

Whether she was being naughty, upset, or stubborn, or admitting defeat, she always looked full of vigor and in high spirits .

But now, she couldn’t even stand on her own feet after the blood loss and the fright . Jun Linyuan felt as if a giant hand was squeezing his heart, and it hurt to breathe .

He didn’t understand what that pain meant . All he knew was that he was furious!

Handing Feng Wu to Lady Northern Feng, he only said two words: “One minute . ”

He couldn’t bring himself to hand Feng Wu to Feng Xun .

Inadvertently, Lady Northern Feng saw the look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes . What a realization!

When he looked at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan’s eyes were filled with tenderness .

But when he turned to stare at Xuanyuan Kun, the look on his face became murderous and merciless!

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Lady Northern Feng was speechless, and wondered if she had discovered something .

But the crown prince struck before she could work it out .

He charged at Xuanyuan Kun, as if he had turned into a streak of blood red light .

He then raised his right hand, and a crimson sword appeared!

The sword energy lashed out before Jin Linyuan reached his enemy!

The battle had started!


The two powerful men clashed in mid-air .

The sword blade glinted, and there were shadows everywhere . All anyone could see was an afterimage of Jun Linyuan, when the teenager himself was already way up ahead!


A force wave spread out!

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The sky twisted!

The clouds dissipated!


The crown prince struck out continuously, and when the crowd could see clearly again —

The battle was over .

Who lost?

Who was the winner?



A hand fell to the ground .


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Then a foot .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

And in the end, there was a louder thump .

Looking closely, the others saw that it was Old Master Xuanyuan!

Right now, the old man’s arrogance and toughness had disappeared .

The crown prince had cut off the old man’s four limbs, leaving him with just a torso .

A torso without any limbs .

And that torso was mangled and covered in blood…

Everyone’s mouths dropped in astonishment .

The Xuanyuan family was even more aghast .

“Oh god!” someone cried out .

Immediately, there were even more exclamations .

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