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Chapter 1136: 1136
Chapter 1136 Jun Linyuan, Have You Lost Your Mind?! Feng Xun glanced at Jun Linyuan and realized how ignorant his Boss Jun was in this aspect . “It’s an aphrodisiac that can turn anyone into a thirsty wolf,” Feng Xun explained loudly . “They also locked little Feng Wu up in a room, so that she would die from bleeding out through her nose, mouth, and ears from not getting any release . But what they didn’t know was that Xiao Wu knows how to counteract the effect of that aphrodisiac . ”

Feng Xun snorted . “I guess there’s divine justice after all, hahaha — with what’s happened between Lady Cai and Zuo Qingliu, the Xuanyuan family is so humiliated this time!”

Old Master Xuanyuan’s face darkened right away . Xuanyuan Ze and the rest of the Xuanyuan family didn’t look any better either .

“Die!” Xuanyuan Ze charged at Feng Xun like an infuriated lion!


Before he could reach Feng Xun, Lady Northern Feng, who had been standing on the side, grabbed a brick next to the rocks and smashed it down on Xuanyuan Ze’s head!


The brick hit Xuanyuan Ze right in the forehead, and blood gushed out right away…

Furious, the old man was about to lash out, but Jun Linyuan blocked his way .

As a matter of fact, ever since the teenager laid eyes on Feng Wu’s pale face, he had been seething .

Then, his brooding gaze landed on Feng Wu’s wrist .

The cut had stopped bleeding, but the blood on her wrist was still unpleasant to look at .

Anger spread out from the crown prince .

The air turned misty and the temperature dropped to the freezing point within a radius of hundreds of meters around everyone!

“It’s so cold —”

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Everyone at the scene shuddered .

They either crossed their arms or rubbed their hands together to fend off the sudden drop in temperature .

This external chill wasn’t the most striking thing; what terrified them the most was the fear that surged up from within!

The crown prince and the Old Master met each other’s eyes . The energies of these two powerful men clashed, creating a force wave which spread out in all directions . Even the air fluctuated violently!

“Kill yourself . ” The crown prince’s black eyebrows reminded one of icy blades .

Everyone cried out in surprise when they heard that .

What was that?

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What did His Royal Highness just say?

“Am I hearing things, or did His Royal Highness tell Old Master Xuanyuan to take his own life?”

“Is it a misunderstanding? This is Old Master Xuanyuan we’re talking about here!”

“His Royal Highness is the crown prince and a prominent figure for sure, but he doesn’t have the right to execute the head of a major clan, does he?”

He was the Old Master of the Xuanyuan family!

All the members of the Xuanyuan family drew in their breaths!

Especially Xuanyuan Ying!

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She had always thought highly of herself, but little did she expect that to His Royal Highness, her grandfather was just another person he could kill at will .

The Old Master was the most astonished of all .

“You —” Xuanyuan Kun’s eyebrows twitched . “Jun Linyuan, have you lost your mind?!”

Status-wise, Jun Linyuan was the crown prince, but Xuanyuan Ke was the head of a clan!

In Imperial College, he was the deputy principal, while Jun Linyuan was a student!

Jun Linyuan frowned a little, and the expression on his chiseled face was colder than ice .

“So, I have to do it myself, is that it?” Jun Linyuan casually spread his hands, which were sinewy and fair, but as deadly as the sharpest blade that could take a life at any moment .

Old Master Xuanyuan smirked . “What can a mere teenager possibly do to me? Since you’re so arrogant, I don’t mind teaching you a lesson on your father’s behalf!”

After that, the old man flipped his big hands, and a giant battleaxe appeared!

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