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Published at 5th of October 2020 03:25:05 AM
Chapter 1138: 1138
Chapter 1138 I Object! “How can something as horrifying as this happen?!”“How frightening!”

“Is he still the crown prince we know?”

“That’s the Old Master of the Xuanyuan family!”

People cried out in surprise one after another, and the voices went on and on .

Everyone stared at the crown prince as if they were seeing a god . The looks on their faces were a mix of excitement, fear, reverence…

Feng Wu’s eyes were wide open .

Jun Linyuan could actually…

He was actually capable enough to destroy Old Master Xuanyuan!

The old man was already at the Spiritual King stage!

Exactly how capable was Jun Linyuan?

The crown prince then pulled his sword back . With that, the rampaging force wave died down completely .

Sensing Feng Wu’s gaze, the crown prince glanced at her .

He had enjoyed quite a few proud moments like this, but never had he been as content as now . Had the girl become so important to him already?

And he was even feeling a strange sensation, which could be considered sweet .

Nonsense! How could a crown prince like him become affectionate like the commoners? That was ridiculous .

At that thought, Jun Linyuan threw a dirty and stern look at Feng Wu .

Baffled by the look, Feng Wu rubbed her nose and wondered what was wrong with His Royal Highness this time .

While the Feng family and Jun Linyuan were exchanging looks, members of the Xuanyuan family had almost lost their minds .

“Old Master!”


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Xuanyuan Ze, Xuanyuan Yu, Xuanyuan Yi, Xuanyuan Ying… and every other member of the Xuanyuan family rushed over in unison, surrounding the old man in the middle .

At that moment, Old Master Xuanyuan was bleeding all over his body, but he was still conscious . Lips quivering, he tried to say something, but couldn’t utter a word .

The handsome, god-like crown prince had straight, thick eyebrows and cold black eyes . His face was as taut as a noble man’s should be, and he reminded one of death itself .

He went up to Lady Northern Feng, then stretched out his hands .

Lady Northern Feng was baffled at first . What was this about?

Feng Xun poked her arm, then winked at her .

Lady Northern Feng saw the light right away!

Immediately, she put Feng Wu back in Jun Linyuan’s arms .

Everyone watched as Jun Linyuan’s long robe flapped in the wind . From behind, his back was straight and steady, and reminded them of a god .

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The crowd automatically parted, creating a path wide enough for the three of them to pass through .

The crown prince left with Feng Wu in his arms .

Lady Northern Feng and her men marched off valiantly and spiritedly .

The spectating guests were all dumbfounded .


“I can’t believe what I just saw…”

“His Royal Highness took action! He saved Feng Wu!”

“Not only did His Royal Highness do that, he also left with Feng Wu in his arms!”

“His Royal Highness doesn’t like Feng Wu? Says who? If that’s the case, would he carry her like that in both arms? Try it yourself . ”

“B- but His Royal Highness could be carrying her away for Young Lord Feng’s sake . ”

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“Isn’t she Young Lord Feng’s sister? Why would His Royal Highness voluntarily carry her if the young lord could?”


“Is it possible that His Royal Highness actually likes Feng Wu?”


“Why? Feng Wu’s a really pretty girl . ”

Feng Wu only realized what was going on after they exited the Xuanyuan Mansion . She gave Jun Linyuan a shove . “Put me down now . ”

But Jun Linyuan was way too strong for her . His slender arms seemed to have boundless strength in them . No matter how hard Feng Wu struggled, she couldn’t shake him off the least bit .

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