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Published at 3rd of October 2020 03:25:12 AM
Chapter 1134: 1134
Chapter 1134 Formidable Power! A chill ran down Feng Wu’s spine . She shivered from head to toe at the cold, and froze on the spot . Looking up, she met Old Master Xuanyuan’s eyes . What a pair of eyes!

They were gloomy and ferocious, and there was a cold glint in them that was even more terrifying than the dark!

Instantly, Feng Wu felt a despair that she had never felt before, and was reminded of the time when she was trapped by the Zuo family and Zuo Qingluan destroyed her Divine Phoenix Blood .

It hurt…

When Old Master Xuanyuan’s spiritual essence entered Feng Wu’s Lingtai point from his palm, Feng Wu felt as if her head was being pierced with a long and thick needle, and she felt an electric current run through her .

The next moment, her entire body went numb and her mind was blank…

Feng Wu had a very bad feeling .

She could hear the bellows and angry cries of Lady Northern Feng and the others, but the voices grew distant and her pupils began to dilate .

Her eyelids were getting heavier .

If she closed her eyes, she might never open them again .

And the next time she opened them, she might be mentally handicapped .

Hence, when Old Master Xuanyuan tried to hypnotize Feng Wu, Feng Wu used all her mental strength to fight him .

Wait —

The Old Master was surprised inwardly .

Feng Wu’s cultivation level was nothing to him, which was why he thought he could easily extract Feng Wu’s soul, look into her mind, and search her memories .

But only after he started working did he realize how difficult it was to open her mind .

It seemed that he had to crush her mind completely .

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The Old Master didn’t care about the consequences . He wanted results!

“No!” Feng Xun cried out . “He’s going to force Xiao Wu’s mind open . If he succeeds, Xiao Wu really is going to become mentally crippled!”

“Oh god! How can Old Master Xuanyuan do this?!”

“Stop! Stop it!”

However, neither Lady Northern Feng nor Feng Xun could stop the frenzied Old Master Xuanyuan!

The others had lost all hope when —

A cold gust of wind hit Old Master Xuanyuan, and there was a loud bang!

The old man felt a numbing pain in his wrist, and he instantly couldn’t feel a thing with that arm!

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How formidable was this power!

Everyone in the room turned around to look behind them .

A god-like figure landed gracefully .

The teenager had beautiful eyes and a handsome face that could take one’s breath away . The moment he showed up, he looked around the room in the same way that an emperor inspected his land . The pride of a sovereign that was on his face made everyone want to go down on their knees and pay homage .

“His Royal Highness!”

“Oh god! It’s His Royal Highness, Jun Linyuan!”

“No wonder the Old Master’s hand was smacked away . His Royal Highness is the only one who can do that!”

Right now, the crown prince’s unblinking gaze was fixed on Old Master Xuanyuan, his eyes like dark whirlpools before a coming storm!

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The next second, he picked Feng Wu up and moved ten meters away .

“Boss Jun!”

Feng Xun cried out in a hoarse voice, so excited that he couldn’t say anything coherent .

Because Feng Xun had been bellowing at the old man non-stop, his throat was now so raw that he could barely make a sound .

“Boss Jun!” Rushing over in excitement, Feng Xun snatched Feng Wu out of Jun Linyuan’s arms .

He looked Feng Wu up and down and asked anxiously, “Xiao Wu, are you alright? Talk to me . Are you okay?”

Feng Wu was still dizzy . Because the old man had tried to search her memories just then, she had shut her mind up like a clam .

The only thing she cared about was the secret about her beautiful master . Feng Wu would rather die than let other people know about it .

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