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Published at 3rd of October 2020 03:25:18 AM
Chapter 1133
Chapter 1133 Feng Wu Panics Feng Wu only looked more bewildered and innocent . “Was there something in the room?”Old Master Xuanyuan was even more furious . Feng Wu said, “The room I was in was empty . Apart from myself, there was nothing in it . ”

Old Master Xuanyuan narrowed his eyes in a threatening manner .

Feng Xun snorted . “Old Master, can’t you see for yourself? Xiao Wu was locked inside the room and couldn’t get out . If she could, she wouldn’t need to cut herself to neutralize the poison by bleeding out . ”

That was right —

The others nodded . The old man’s treasures had been stolen, but it couldn’t have been Feng Wu who did it, for even if she had, she didn’t have any place to hide them .

Staring at Lady Cai, Feng Xun snorted . “Old Master, Lady Cai and Zuo Qingliu had free access to your treasure room . Don’t you think that those two are the ones you should ask?”

He was right…

Only then was everyone struck with realization!

The secret room Feng Wu had been in was obviously a fake one, and the one Lady Cai had come out of was the real treasure room .

Old Master Xuanyuan looked bewildered . Only then did he realize that was the case . However, when he looked up —

“Where’s Zuo Qingliu?” The old man’s face darkened and he narrowed his eyes .

“He’s gone . I saw Zuo Qingyu carry him off as soon as she had the chance . ”

Someone in the crowd spoke loudly .

Old Master Xuanyuan darted a glance at the elders .

With a whoosh, the elders disappeared from the crowd right away .

However —

“Although they are my prime suspects, that doesn’t mean that you’re innocent . Search them!” Old Master Xuanyuan bellowed .

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Naturally, the guests didn’t like it, but Old Master Xuanyuan was acting like a madman, and there was nothing they could do to fight back .

However, with what happened, everyone now knew how the Xuanyuan family dealt with other people .

From then on, they naturally became distant from the Xuanyuan family .

As for Lady Cai —

Old Master Xuanyuan warned that if word got out and they discovered the person who leaked the news, the Xuanyuan family would do everything they could to kill them!

That severe warning frightened a lot of people, and it went without saying that not many people would gossip about it .

However, ambiguous rumors were bound to get around, but that wasn’t until a while later .

The Xuanyuan family searched everyone, but —

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They couldn’t find anything .

In the end, Old Master Xuanyuan turned his gaze on Feng Wu again .

He slowly walked toward her .

That instant, Feng Wu suddenly had a bad feeling .

The old man raised his hand and reached for Feng Wu’s head .

“No!” Feng Xun roared, then tried to rush over .

Old Master Xuanyuan was going to search Feng Wu’s memories with the power of his soul .

Feng Wu wasn’t capable enough at the moment, and her soul was vulnerable . If anything went wrong, she could be crippled mentally .

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But no one was able to stop the old man .

Feng Wu hadn’t been worried at first, but when she realized that Old Master Xuanyuan was going to search her mind, she panicked, which she never did .

If he really read her mind, there was no way she would be able to survive .

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Even if the old man couldn’t find anything in her memories, once something went wrong, he could turn her into an idiot .

What should she do…

Feng Wu was flustered, despite the unperturbed look on her face .

Feng Xun, Lady Northern Feng, and the guards…

None of them could stop the frenzied old man!

No matter how many threats Lady Northern Feng threw at him, he wouldn’t listen .

His big hand landed on Feng Wu’s crown, and a chilly sensation ran down Feng Wu’s spine!

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