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Chapter 1135: 1135
Chapter 1135 All Hail His Royal Highness Luckily —Jun Linyuan got here in time .

His face was the first thing Feng Wu saw when she opened her eyes .

Jun Linyuan had a bone-chilling look on his well-defined face . He looked as cruel and fierce as Satan himself, making the others tremble with fear .

But somehow, Feng Wu wasn’t intimidated at all . Instead, she smiled a little .

“Boss Jun!” Feng Xun pointed at the old man and loudly complained to Jun Linyuan, “That old fool is outrageous! He nearly crippled Xiao Wu mentally! Boss Jun, teach him a lesson for us!”

Jun Linyuan’s brooding black eyes immediately turned bloodshot, and his thin lips were so red that they seemed to bleed .

No one else had been able to stop the frenzied old man, but —

Jun Linyuan’s stare made the old man’s stomach lurch all of a sudden . A giant hand seemed to grip his heart, and the pain almost suffocated him!

That was impossible!

Xuanyuan Kun bellowed in his head .

The teenager was indeed a capable cultivator, but the last time Xuanyuan Kun met Jun Linyuan, he definitely hadn’t been the old man’s equal . But now —

Even Xuanyuan Kun himself couldn’t detect Jun Linyuan’s actual cultivation level . He only knew that it was beyond his imagination, and it was strangely terrifying . The old man was so awestruck that he didn’t dare make any reckless moves!

It was a submissive mentality that he would only have in the face of an extremely powerful cultivator .

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Xuanyuan Kun stared at Jun Linyuan in disbelief . Despite the crown prince’s unparalleled talent, he was still just a teenager!

“Did you hurt her?” The look on Jun Linyuan’s face was cold, and the words that came out of his mouth even colder .

Xuanyuan Kun didn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of Jun Linyuan . He snorted . “Your Royal Highness, you’re assuming things . ”

Feng Xun complained loudly . “What’s that supposed to mean? You mistreated little Feng Wu! Your stuff might have been stolen, but Xiao Wu is the victim here! We haven’t asked you for compensation yet, but you falsely accused Xiao Wu of stealing your things, and you tried to search her memories!”

Old Master Xuanyuan snorted . “Searching her memories will prove her innocence . I was doing it for her own good . ”

Feng Xun smirked . “Can you promise that you can use that mind-searching method without damaging her brain?”

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Crossing his hands behind his back, the Old Master raised his chin proudly . “No, I can’t!”

Feng Xun was infuriated . “How can you still be that righteous when you know that!”

Old Master Xuanyuan looked at Feng Xun as if the latter was an idiot . “She’s just a girl from some declining family . Why is Northern Feng Mansion even bothering to take her side? If you like girls like that…”

The Old Master darted a glance at Xuanyuan Ying . “I’ll give her to you in compensation . ”

Feng Xun was so furious that he almost choked as he stomped his foot in a frenzy . “Like hell I’m going to take your family’s ugly, vicious girl! I won’t have her, even if her dowry is the entire Xuanyuan Mansion!”

Well —

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That was a very offensive thing to say, but Lady Northern Feng didn’t stop Feng Xun .

After all, what Old Master Xuanyuan said had been pretty offensive, too .

The old man was furious . “You ungrateful brat! Get out! Get out of my mansion now!”

With the crown prince backing him up, Feng Xun was more confident than ever . Resting his hands on his waist, he said, “Do you think you can bully my Xiao Wu for nothing? I’m not leaving just because you said so . Mind you, old man, we’re not going anywhere today until you give us a satisfactory explanation!”

After some thought, Feng Xun turned to Jun Linyuan . “Boss Jun, they poisoned Xiao Wu with Spring Breeze Powder . ”

“Spring Breeze Powder?” The crown prince frowned, and there was a confused look on his breathtakingly beautiful face .

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