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Chapter 1130: 1130
Chapter 1130 How Shocking! Old Master Xuanyuan himself was blushing!How was he supposed to know what was going on?

However, his biggest concern at the moment wasn’t who was doing what inside, but if his treasure was still safe inside .

He rushed into the room in vexation and kicked the people out before he saw their faces .

The two bodies were still intertwined in mid-air and wouldn’t part from each other .

However, the impact of the fall forced them to separate .

But —

When they saw who the two people were —



“Ahhh —”

People screamed, cried out, and drew in their breaths!

It was horrible!

The scene made all eyes widen and left everyone speechless, their mouths agape .

Lady Northern Feng was equally amazed . “Isn’t this Lady Cai?”

She was right —

The heroine of the incident and the naked woman lying on the ground was none other than Lady Cai herself .

As for her male partner, it was —

“Zuo Qingliu!”

Someone cried out his name .

Yes, the hero of the story was the second son of the Zuo family, the womanizer .

“Oh god! It’s the second young master of the Zuo family…”

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“Lady Cai and Young Master Zuo the Second…”

“They’re not even of the same generation!”

“Lady Cai is the wife of the oldest son of the Xuanyuan family!”

“And today is Old Master Xuanyuan’s birthday party . They couldn’t wait?”

“Not to mention that they were doing it in the old master’s treasure room . That’s so…”

“No wonder we couldn’t find Lady Cai anywhere earlier . She was…”

“Oh god, I need to unsee that! How horrible!”

As soon as they recognized Lady Cai and Zuo Qingliu, Xuanyuan Yi and Zuo Qingyu removed their outer robes and threw them over the two bodies .

Xuanyuan Ze was the most shocked person of them all!

And the most humiliated, for that matter…

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Xuanyuan Ze’s face was darker than a stormy sky!

Not only did a roomful of people see his wife cheating, she was doing it with a man of a younger generation, who was the son of a close friend!


Infuriated, Xuanyuan Ze rushed over and tried to throttle Zuo Qingliu .

He moved so fast!

The others didn’t have time to react .

“Ahhh —”

Zuo Qingliu, who had finally come back to his senses, was still bewildered . He then had to face the fear of death .

“Let go of my brother! Let go of him!” Zuo Qingyu screamed . “Help! Please help me!”

So many people were watching, and they couldn’t just let Zuo Qingliu die like this .

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Hence, they all rushed over and dragged Xuanyuan Ze away .

Zuo Qingliu’s face had turned a bluish purple color and he was barely breathing . Feng Wu crouched down next to him and checked his breathing .

“He’s dying and needs medical care . ” As she spoke, Feng Wu started working on him with her golden needles .

Feng Wu had taken action because she had to keep Zuo Qingliu unconscious . Otherwise, if he woke up and ranted that he had planned to rape Feng Wu, she would become part of this scandal .

And Feng Wu wasn’t going to let that happen .

“What are you doing?!” Zuo Qingyu stared at Feng Wu, alarmed .

Feng Wu shrugged . “Is that how you treat a good samaritan? If it isn’t for me, Zuo Qingliu would be dead by now . ”

Zuo Qingyu said, “But he’s…”

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