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Published at 30th of September 2020 03:25:07 PM
Chapter 1129: 1129
Chapter 1129 What Were They Seeing?! Then there was Feng Wu’s voice . “Aren’t you afraid that Northern Feng Mansion will take revenge for me?!”Xuanyuan Ying’s voice rang out . “Hahahaha! Northern Feng Mansion? Lady Northern Feng really is an arrogant character, but after your reputation is ruined, do you think she’ll still want you as a daughter? I’d worry about yourself if I were you . Hahahaha —”

This yellow parrot was spectacular!

Not only did it have an amazing memory, its ability to imitate others made one want to slap a table and say bravo .

It could mimic voices as well as facial expressions!

It imitated Xuanyuan Ying’s breathing, expressions, and manner of speaking to a tee! The resemblance was almost frightening!

If that wasn’t proof, then what was?

Lady Northern Feng flared up . “Xuanyuan Ying! You’ve been lying through your teeth! We almost believed you!”

Seeing that her lie had been exposed, Xuanyuan Ying turned to flee .

But it was too late for that now .

Lady Northern Feng’s guards weren’t paid for their good looks . Two men blocked Xuanyuan Ying’s way, ensuring that she wasn’t going anywhere .

Then, Lady Northern Feng rushed over and reached out to grab Xuanyuan Ying, dragging the latter over to her side .

Lady Northern Feng was merciless when she took action . She started beating Xuanyuan Ying up right away .

The others watched with open mouths .

Families like theirs never punished their daughters the way Lady Northern Feng was doing . Their most severe punishment was to lock the girls up and make them transcribe Buddhist scriptures . A beating like this was unheard of .

However —

People of the Xuanyuan family didn’t dare utter a word as the lady threw punches at Xuanyuan Ying .

After all, what Xuanyuan Ying had done was beyond shameless .

The beating alone wasn’t going to be enough . They knew that Lady Northern Feng would be demanding more later .

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Feng Wu calculated the time and realized that those two people should be overwhelmed by their passion by now .

At that thought, Feng Wu struggled to her feet and left Feng Xun’s arms . She went up to the lady . “Mother, please stop . You’ll hurt your hands —”

“Hmph!” Lady Northern Feng swept her hand through the air in vexation, throwing Xuanyuan Ying at the wall of the secret room .

Well —

Feng Wu had chosen her spot after careful calculation .

And she tampered with the angle and the speed at which Xuanyuan Ying flew out .

Because only by doing that could she ensure that they would see an even better show next .

What a waste of this big crowd if she didn’t show them something sensational .


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Xuanyuan Ying slammed into the wall, and soon, there was a rumbling sound .

Lady Northern Feng was so strong!

Everyone wondered if Xuanyuan Ying had been injured by that throw .

They were still wondering, when they heard a click .

The door opened, and the secret room started moving all of a sudden as it began to rotate on the spot!

No one noticed how livid Old Master Xuanyuan’s face had become .

Click —

The secret room rotated 180 degrees so that the small, empty room which Feng Wu had been in earlier moved to the back . The other side that had been in the dark was now facing the crowd .

Only that —

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When they realized what they were seeing, everyone’s eyes opened so wide that their eyeballs popped .

Holy sh*t!

They couldn’t believe their eyes!

The door to this secret room was wide open, and inside, two naked bodies were intertwined and busy with each other .

The positions, the motions, the sounds… It was so stimulating that everyone blushed and looked away .

Someone said all of a sudden, “Isn’t this the old master’s treasure room?”

Had the old master hidden something here?!

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