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Published at 1st of October 2020 03:15:11 PM
Chapter 1131: 1131
Chapter 1131 Father! No — Feng Wu said, “You’ll have to ask Master Xuanyuan, then . But if you ask me, Zuo Qingliu will wake up in a few hours . ”Zuo Qingyu stared at Feng Wu . “Since when are you so kind?”

Feng Wu said, “It’s not like you’ve tried to harm me or anything . Why should I hold a grudge against you? Or have you tried to harm me…”

Zuo Qingyu glared at Feng Wu . “You’re imagining things!”

After that, Zuo Qingyu threw Zuo Qingliu over her shoulder and fled the scene, taking advantage of the chaos .

Otherwise, Zuo Qingliu would surely be killed after the Xuanyuan family realized what had happened .

Seeing that he couldn’t kill Zuo Qingliu, Xuanyuan Ze took out a dagger and tried to stab Lady Cai in the chest .

“Father! No —” Of course Xuanyuan Ying wouldn’t watch her mother get killed, not to mention that she had been the mastermind behind this scheme .

Xuanyuan Ying’s shriek drew all attention to Lady Cai, making it impossible for Xuanyuan Ze to kill her .

Just then, furious bellows came from inside the room .

There was then the sound of shelves being overturned and shattered .

What was going on?

Everyone was baffled .

Feng Wu was the only one in the crowd who knew what was going on .

She had taken all ten items that Old Master Xuanyuan kept there as his treasures .

Then, Old Master Xuanyuan rushed out of the room and bellowed, “No one leaves!”

His voice was like a thunderclap exploding over the crowd!

Everyone felt their ears buzz, and the pain was so piercing that they felt like their ears were bleeding!

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“Dad, what happened?” Xuanyuan Yu looked startled .

Old Master Xuanyuan was very sensitive about his reputation, and all the guests here for his birthday party were from influential families .

The old man had lost his senses and was in a frantic state .

Those were some of his most prized possessions!

As the saying went, a clever rabbit had three burrows . He didn’t put all his eggs in the same basket, but the treasures here consisted of at least a third of what he had accumulated throughout his life!

He was being driven mad!

Seeing how crazed Old Master Xuanyuan looked, Feng Wu realized how precious the ten items she had taken were .

The next moment —

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Xuanyuan stared at Feng Wu!

He then marched toward her!

Feng Xun blocked his way and glared at the old man . “What are you doing?”

The old man was still in a rage and didn’t care who Feng Xun was .

He swept his hand through the air, exerting a wave of energy that reminded one of a gigantic tide!

Feng Xun was a capable cultivator himself, but he couldn’t withstand even a single strike from the old man!

He flew backward .

The next second, Lady Northern Feng shielded Feng Wu with her own body .

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Right now, Old Master Xuanyuan had bloodshot eyes and smoke coming out of his nostrils . He stared at Feng Wu as if she was his ultimate enemy!

Lady Northern Feng glared at the old man and warned him in a cold voice, “No matter what happened, Old Master, I’d like you to calm down!”

All eighteen knights of Northern Feng Mansion lined up in front of Lady Northern Feng .

Their attitude couldn’t be any more straightforward .

Anyone who tried to lay a finger on Lady Northern Feng would have to do so over their dead bodies!

In a normal situation, Old Master Xuanyuan wouldn’t be so frantic . But this wasn’t just any situation .

Of the ten items that were missing from the treasure room, the Bright Dragon Soil was only important enough for him to feel a little sorry .

As for the martial arts manuals of the Xuanyuan family, he had memorized them all .

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