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Chapter 1124: 1124
Chapter 1124 Untitled Xuanyuan Ying shook her head . “Isn’t my mother inside?”Lady Yu said, “An old maid asked for your mother earlier, and she left the hall . I have no idea where she went… The banquet is about to officially start . What am I going to do?”

Xuanyuan Ying screwed up her face . “Aunt, my mum can wait . I have a more pressing problem here . Feng Wu is missing . ”


Lady Yu’s eyes widened and she stared at Xuanyuan Ying . “What did you do to Miss Feng?”

Lady Northern Feng was boredly drinking tea while she waited for Feng Wu to come back . She waited and waited, but Feng Wu never appeared . Lady Northern Feng was growing impatient, and when she heard that, her gaze shifted in that direction right away!

Her gaze was very sharp . Right then, she rose to her feet and headed in Xuanyuan Ying’s direction with Granny Tao at her elbow .

“What was that? Where’s my Xiao Wu?” Lady Northern Feng stared at Xuanyuan Ying with eyes filled with murderous intent .

Deep down, Xuanyuan Ying feared Lady Northern Feng . She was ridden with a guilty conscience as soon as the lady stared at her .

Zuo Qingyu poked Xuanyuan Ying in the waist, reminding the latter not to give herself away .

That was right! Xuanyuan Ying stealthily clenched her fists and took a deep breath . “Feng Wu is missing . ”

Lady Northern Feng instantly had a fierce and frightening look in her eyes!

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Grabbing Xuanyuan Ying’s collar, she lifted her off the ground . “What did you say?!”

A lot of noble ladies were present, and seeing this, they all tried to dissuade Lady Northern Feng . “My lady, please don’t do this . Ying Er is just a kid . ”

Lady Northern Feng said, “My Xiao Wu is also just a kid! Tell me now! Where did you hide her?!”

Xuanyuan Ying put on a long face . “Your Ladyship, I really have no idea… Earlier, Feng Wu heard about the Bright Dragon Soil my grandfather received . She said that the soil could make her reach a breakthrough faster, and she forced me to take her there . ”

Xuanyuan Ying said between broken sobs, “I offended her earlier today, and to make up for it, I took her there, even if I knew I shouldn’t…”

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Bright Dragon Soil?!

Everyone’s eyes widened!

What a treasure! It was a substance that was so hard to come by!

“Impossible!” Lady Northern Feng disagreed right away . “Xiao Wu isn’t a greedy, reckless child . ”

Zuo Qingyu smiled bitterly at that moment . “I think I said the wrong thing when I mentioned that my sister is already a Level 7 Spiritual Elder, and would become a Spiritual Lord by the end of this year… Feng Wu was agitated by the news, which was why she did such an unreasonable thing . It’s all my fault… Lady Northern Feng, punish me all you want . ”

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Lady Northern Feng stared at Zuo Qingyu and her chest heaved violently with anger .

This Zuo Qingyu was quite the character!

She talked up Zuo Qingluan and trashed Feng Wu in the same breath, making Feng Wu sound like a bad girl who was jealous and had problems controlling her emotions .

Dugu Yamo gave a wry smile as well . “I was there the whole time and I can attest to it . They’re telling the truth . Feng Wu begged Ying Er and even threatened her with her connection to Northern Feng Mansion . She said that as long as Ying Er took her there, she wouldn’t tell Your Ladyship on Ying Er, otherwise…”

After Zuo Qingyu’s slander of Feng Wu, Dugu Yamo went on making false accusations against her, giving an impression of Feng Wu as an evil, unreasonable girl who bullied others with her power .

Few people in this world were clear-headed . The majority simply parroted the views of others .

What was more, the more slander was repeated, the more people believed it . What the girls said took effect right away, and the noble ladies in the hall all began to think poorly of Feng Wu .

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