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Chapter 1125: 1125
Chapter 1125 Untitled The noble ladies spoke to Lady Northern Feng in turn . “Your Ladyship, judging by what’s happened, you really need to watch Feng Wu more closely…”

“Your Ladyship, they’re all saying the same thing, so it’s really possible that…”

“Your Ladyship…”

However, no matter what the others said, Lady Northern Feng remained adamant and waved her hand . “Someone else might do that, but not my Xiao Wu!”

After that, Lady Northern Feng stared at Xuanyuan Ying . “I now have reason to believe that you girls conspired to set my Xiao Wu up! Take us there, and find her! Now!”

Xuanyuan Ying had gone through all this trouble just so that she could lure everyone over to watch the grand finale .

Xuanyuan Yu glared at his troublesome niece . “Take us there now!”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded in a hurry . “Sure, of course . I’ll take you there right now…”

Before she left, Xuanyuan Ying glanced at Zuo Qingyu and the others, and they all understood the twinkle in each other’s eyes .

Soon, everyone arrived at Old Master Xuanyuan’s courtyard .

Xuanyuan Ying said, “We parted ways here . Feng Wu said she was in a bad mood and needed some time alone, so I left her here . I waited for a long while, but she never came back —”

Hence, everyone spread out to look for Feng Wu, and they searched the limited area around the bushes, the rocks, behind them…

They left no stone unturned, but there was still no trace of Feng Wu .

Just then, there were sounds from inside, and Old Master Xuanyuan finally made his belated entrance .

Wearing a red and black long robe decorated with golden thread and dark patterns, he was in high spirits and ready to receive the homage of his offspring in the main hall .

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However, he saw so many people as soon as he came out of the room, and was baffled .

Since it was his birthday today, the old man didn’t release his spiritual essence, and only thought of himself as a regular old guy .

“What’s going on?” The old man frowned .

“Grandpa —” Xuanyuan Ying ran over to him, wrapped her arms around his thigh, and cried . “Grandpa, I’m sorry . It’s all my fault… I’m so sorry…”

Xuanyuan Kun shook his head . “Just tell me what happened!”

Hence, between broken sobs, Xuanyuan Ying told her grandfather everything .

Xuanyuan Ying said, “Grandpa, I really didn’t mean to . I just wanted to show Feng Wu how real Bright Dragon Soil can purify one’s mind and invigorate one’s body continuously . ”

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Old Master Xuanyuan glanced at Xuanyuan Ying in resignation . “You really should be punished, but the Bright Dragon Soil is well hidden; she won’t be able to find it . ”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded excitedly .

Just then, they heard a surprised cry from somewhere nearby .

Everyone exchanged looks and all rushed in that direction . Old Master Xuanyuan moved especially fast, and his gaze was as sharp as a cold blade .

Because those rocks were the key to entering his secret treasure room .

Old Master Xuanyuan was the first to rush in, and the first thing he saw was the door that the key would open .

Instantly, he narrowed his eyes, a dangerous look in them .

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Because he could tell that the door had been tampered with!

He frowned and blanched a little . Smashing the door open with his big hand, he rushed in, moving as fast as a streak of lightning!

The faces of the others went pale as well when they saw this!

The grave look on Old Master Xuanyuan’s face reminded them of the sky before a storm, and it was terrifying…

Fearing that Feng Wu might get hurt, Lady Northern Feng rushed into the tunnel right after that with her guards .

With Old Master Xuanyuan inside, then Lady Northern Feng and her guards…

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