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Chapter 1123
Chapter 1123 Untitled Luckily, Feng Wu had the ring space, or she would never be able to take all those things with her . After getting out of the formation, Feng Wu thought about Zuo Qingliu . Xuanyuan Ying had deliberately locked Feng Wu inside that room… What was her purpose? What was her plan after that?

In fact, Xuanyuan Ying’s true purpose wasn’t that hard to guess if one followed her train of thought .

It was just that —

Xuanyuan Ying wasn’t the only one who could frame Feng Wu with such a malicious scheme; Feng Wu could answer in kind as well .

Feng Wu smiled a little .

There was no time to think it over . Feng Wu quickly changed into a subterfuge outfit which made it easier to run around at night .

Feng Wu was planning to grab Xuanyuan Ying at first . After all, Xuanyuan Ying had come up with this, and every debt had its debtor .

However —

Feng Wu didn’t expect to hear Lady Cai talking to an old maid when she ran past the garden .

Feng Wu recognized the old maid, who followed Lady Cai around all the time .

Lady Cai said, “You’re a good cultivator . Keep an eye on my daughter . Do whatever she asks you to do . Follow her orders . ”

The old maid left as instructed .

Looking at the clear, bright moonlight outside, Lady Cai smiled fiercely .

She said, “Ying Er, you said you’re going to get revenge for me . I’m really looking forward to it . ”

Feng Wu stopped right away .

She would have to look everywhere for Xuanyuan Ying if she wanted to catch the latter, but Lady Cai was right here . Although… hm…

It would be a lot more eye-catching this way, wouldn’t it?

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This Lady Cai wasn’t all that innocent .

At that thought, Feng Wu smiled a little .

However, Feng Wu knew with one look that Lady Cai was a capable cultivator . She was a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster at least!

Yet, it wasn’t an impossible mission .

As long as Feng Wu was careful enough, she could find a chance to suppress the lady .

With that thought in mind, Feng Wu took out a dagger, then took advantage of the moonlight to quietly make her way toward Lady Cai .

Poor Lady Cai . She was so overwhelmed by the thought of the pleasant surprise that Xuanyuan Ying was supposed to give her that she never realized someone was approaching her from behind .

All of a sudden!

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“Hm —”

Lady Cai felt something frighteningly cold on her neck . When she realized what was happening and wanted to cry out —

“Hm —”

A hand covered her mouth, pressing down so hard that she couldn’t utter a word .

“You —”

Feng Wu said in an eerie, changed voice, “Lady Cai, it’s been a while . ”

After that, Feng Wu smashed the hilt of her dagger down on Lady Cai’s nape .

The next second, Lady Cai felt her head swim, and she passed out .

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No one knew what happened to Lady Cai, not even Xuanyuan Ying .

At that moment, she was running back to the party in a hurry, asking everyone she met on the way, “Do you know where Feng Wu is? Have you seen Feng Wu?”

Xuanyuan Ying went all the way back to the party in that flustered state .

Zuo Qingyu frowned . “Feng Wu? Didn’t she leave with you?”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “We were walking together at first, but she then said she wanted to go by herself . I lost sight of her after that . ”

Dugu Yamo asked, “How can she be missing? Where did you lose her?”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “My grandpa’s courtyard . ”

“What are you girls whispering about?”

The banquet was about to start, and Lady Yu was looking for Lady Cai, the wife of the oldest son of the Xuanyuan family, for the latter needed to host the event .

But Lady Cai was nowhere to be found . Instead, Lady Yu found Xuanyuan Ying and the others gathered together as they whispered among themselves . Lady Yu couldn’t help asking, “Ying Er, have you seen your mother?”

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