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Chapter 1120: 1120
Chapter 1120 Actually, I“m Not… Feng Wu shook her head . “Actually, I’m not that into the Bright Dragon Soil . ”Xuanyuan Ying laughed inwardly at how fake Feng Wu was . “If you really have no interest in the Bright Dragon Soil, why did you pretend to reluctantly follow me here as soon as I mentioned it? Zuo Qingluan has been making such quick progress that I don’t believe you’re not agitated by it,” thought Xuanyuan Ying .

Xuanyuan Ying snorted in her head, but still had a smile on her face . “I know, Sister Xiao Wu . You never wanted to come, but I forced you to come with me . Right?”

Feng Wu said, “Yes . ”

As Feng Wu spoke, she glanced at a yellow parrot perched on the wall of the courtyard . She waved at the bird .

The yellow parrot actually flew toward Feng Wu at her beckoning and stopped on Feng Wu’s outstretched arm .

Taking out a pesized top-grade spiritual stone, Feng Wu fed it to the bird .

Xuanyuan Ying frowned when she saw that .

The yellow parrot belonged to her grandfather and was usually very rebellious and naughty . She didn’t even know that it could be so docile .

Xuanyuan Ying said to Feng Wu, “Don’t mess with the parrot . Let’s get down to business . ”

Feng Wu glanced at Xuanyuan Ying as she fed the yellow parrot, then asked casually, “What business can we possibly have here?”

Xuanyuan Ying said in a fluster, “The Bright Dragon Soil . Didn’t I promise to show it to you? Why are you still in the mood to play with the bird?”

Feng Wu said indifferently as she teased the bird, “I’m not that eager to see it anyway . This bird is a lot more fun .

“You’re so…” Xuanyuan Ying pointed at Feng Wu, exasperated at Feng Wu’s failure to play along . “Sister Xiao Wu, please don’t be offended, but why don’t you have any ambition at all?”

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Feng Wu looked at her with a perfectly innocent and baffled look on her face . “Huh?”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “Didn’t Zuo Qingyu mention Zuo Qingluan just then? Aren’t you disturbed at all? Back then, the two of you were known as the ‘two genius girls of the imperial capital . ’ Now that she’s almost a Spiritual Lord, you’re still a Spiritual Master . Don’t you find that humiliating?”

Feng Wu said, “Hm…”

Xuanyuan Ying stared at Feng Wu . “That’s why I brought you here to see the Bright Dragon Soil . Hear me out —”

Xuanyuan Ying lowered her voice . “My grandpa isn’t here right now, so why don’t we take this opportunity to steal some of that soil for you? It’ll help you with your cultivation . ”

Feng Wu cried out in surprise, “Steal the Bright Dragon Soil? That’s not what you told me earlier . You said we would just look at it . ”

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Xuanyuan Ying walked into the courtyard, dragging Feng Wu behind her and grumbling as she went . “A thief never leaves empty-handed . Haven’t you heard that before? Since we’re already here, you’d be a moron if you didn’t take some Bright Dragon Soil away with you while you’re at it . ”

Feng Wu said, “But it belongs to your grandfather . How can you steal from him?”

Xuanyuan Ying snorted . “Who says I’m going to steal it?”

They reached a secret room as they spoke .

Xuanyuan Ying smiled, pleased with herself . “Here we are . My grandpa keeps his best stuff here . Step away a little while I open the door . ”

Feng Wu said, “I’m still scared . Forget it . You stay . I’m leaving . ”

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Xuanyuan Ying grabbed Feng Wu . “Where are you going? You’re already here and you’re coming in with me . ”

Feng Wu cried out in surprise . “Ah —”

The next second —

With a click, the door was tightly shut!

But Feng Wu was left inside with Xuanyuan Ying outside .

Feng Wu cried out, “What is this place? This isn’t your grandfather’s treasure room! Xuanyuan Ying, why did you lock me up here? Let me out!”

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