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Published at 26th of September 2020 03:35:07 PM
Chapter 1121: 1121
Chapter 1121 Had I Known Xuanyuan Ying’s malicious voice came from outside . “Feng Wu, did you really think I was going to take you to some treasure room? Hahaha —”Feng Wu banged on the door . “Xuanyuan Ying, you set me up! You led me into this trap! I’ll get back at you even if I turn into a ghost!”

Xuanyuan Ying snorted . “You’re not going anywhere . Soon, you’ll wish you were dead!”

Feng Wu yelled angrily, “Aren’t you afraid that Northern Feng Mansion will take revenge for me?!”

“Hahahaha! Northern Feng Mansion? Lady Northern Feng really is an arrogant character, but after your reputation is ruined, do you think she’ll still want you as a daughter? I’d worry about yourself if I were you . Hahahaha —”

Xuanyuan Ying walked away as she spoke .

Just then, Feng Wu heard a low snicker in the room .

Turning around, Feng Wu saw a hideous, taunting face in the dim light .

It was Zuo Qingliu .

His eyes were so red that they seemed to be bleeding . He looked frightening!

His breathing was loud, but he seemed sober .

“Feng Wu… Hahaha, I didn’t think it would be you . ” Zuo Qingliu looked a little unsteady as he stumbled toward Feng Wu .

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes in a threatening manner . “It’s you . ”

“Hahaha, it’s me! I bet it never crossed your mind!” Zuo Qingliu rushed toward Feng Wu and tried to throw his arms around her .

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But Feng Wu dodged .

Zuo Qingliu almost smashed his head into the wall .

Luckily, he was still lucid and could still use his abilities . He ended up only knocking his head against the wall a little, but that was enough to give him a big bump on the forehead .

“You b*tch! How dare you run away?!” Zuo Qingliu reached out to grab Feng Wu .

Feng Wu dodged again . Meanwhile, she kicked Zuo Qingliu hard .

Zuo Qingliu was sent flying backward to smash into the wall . He grimaced at the pain .

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Feng Wu went up to the wall and began to study it .

However, she was surrounded by walls . Even the ceiling and floor were made from Broken Dragon Stone, and the door was nowhere to be found .

Zuo Qingliu guffawed next to her .

“Feng Wu, don’t be so naive . You won’t be able to open it . ” Zuo Qingliu slumped onto the ground and looked at Feng Wu with a taunting look in his eyes . “We’re not getting out . Hahaha —”

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and looked over her shoulder at him .

“Don’t you feel yourself getting warmer? Hahaha —” Zuo Qingliu grinned at Feng Wu . “Can’t you see that your spiritual essence is evaporating with the heat?”

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Feng Wu stared at Zuo Qingliu .

Zuo Qingliu guffawed . “Have you heard of ‘Spring Breeze Powder’? Do you know Perching Phoenix Pavilion and Miss Fengqi? Spring Breeze Powder is the great creation of Miss Fengqi .

“Well, you look like a perfectly decent girl, so of course you know nothing about brothels . Hahaha, little Feng Wu, it’s been years since we last met; who knew you would turn out so stunning and attractive?

“Had I known that you would grow into something so beautiful, I would never have let you slip out of my grasp . I should have kept you as a little slave when you were still young .

“But it’s never too late to start . Tonight is as good a time as any . ”

As time passed, the temperature in the room kept rising until it was like a sauna .

However, the next second, Feng Wu’s dagger was at Zuo Qingliu’s throat . “You done talking?”

The murderous intent behind that abrupt, cold sensation at Zuo Qingliu’s throat made his stomach lurch .

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