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Chapter 1119: 1119
Chapter 1119 I“m Doing This for Your Own Good Xuanyuan Ying nodded repeatedly . “That’s right! I heard that Bright Dragon Soil can make one break through a lot faster!”Bright Dragon Soil?

If it really was Bright Dragon Soil, Feng Wu would be very interested . Many people thought that Bright Dragon Soil could help one’s cultivation and make them break through faster . However, Feng Wu could actually refine the soil and make something better out of it .

But the Bright Dragon Soil wasn’t her top priority now; her focus was on clues about the broken star piece .

Just then, Xuanyuan Ying proposed, “Usually, Grandpa won’t even let us touch it, but with so many guests outside, my grandpa won’t have the time to keep an eye on it . How about… we go check it out?”

Feng Liu said, “Good idea! All of us would like to see this Bright Dragon Soil!”

Zuo Qingyu asked, “Are you sure? Bright Dragon Soil is so precious… I don’t think I should go . ”

Dugu Yamo said, “Ying Er, I think we’ll skip . But Sister Wu… Didn’t you offend her before? I think showing her the Bright Dragon Soil is a great idea . Just think of it as an apology . ”

Xuanyuan Ying turned to Feng Wu with a guilty look in her eyes . “Sister Wu, why don’t you go with me? Don’t worry . We’ll just have a look . Even if Grandpa discovers us, he won’t be mad at us . ”

Feng Wu said, “So, it’s in…”

Xuanyuan Ying replied, “It’s in my grandpa’s yard . Don’t worry . It’ll be perfectly safe . You might be an excellent cultivator now, but you still have a long way to go if you want to catch up to SIster Zuo . Don’t you want to progress more quickly?”

“So, that was why they deliberately brought Zuo Qingluan up in front of me earlier? Are they trying to goad me?” thought Feng Wu .

Feng Wu shook her head . “Actually, I don’t…”

But no one believed her .

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Xuanyuan Ying held Feng Wu’s arm . “Sister Xiao Wu, just come with me . I’ll show you the way . It’ll just be the two of us . None of them are going . ”

In fact, deep down, Feng Wu wanted to go .

Under normal circumstances, it would be very difficult for Feng Wu to get close to Old Master Xuanyuan’s courtyard . However, with Xuanyuan Ying as her cover now, things had become much easier for her .

Temptingly passive, Feng Wu let herself be dragged away by Xuanyuan Ying .

As Xuanyuan Ying urged Feng Wu along, she made a victory hand sign at those behind her .

In Xuanyuan Kun’s courtyard .

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Naturally, the courtyard was guarded, but Xuanyuan Ying didn’t take the usual route . Instead, she took Feng Wu to some rocks and whispered to the latter, “There’s a secret passageway which will lead you right inside . I won’t let just anybody know about it . Sister Xiao Wu, I’m only letting you in on the secret because we’re good friends . ”

Of course, Feng Wu said yes, but only she knew what she was thinking

It was indeed a secret passageway . Xuanyuan Ying pressed a button, and the rocks opened up to quickly reveal a passage wide enough for one person to walk through .

“Sister Xiao Wu, it’s dark inside . I’ll lead the way . Please follow me,” Xuanyuan Ying cautioned her .

“All right . ” Feng Wu nodded .

As they walked through the dark tunnel, Feng Wu didn’t let her eyes miss a single detail .

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In fact, as soon as they walked into the tunnel, Feng Wu knew perfectly well that there was a hidden formation inside, which turned the tunnel into a maze that was easy to enter but impossible to leave .

However —

No formation could ever confuse Feng Wu .

Hence, Feng Wu memorized the formation as she followed Xuanyuan Ying into the tunnel .

Roughly five minutes later, she saw a faint light ahead of them .

Blowing out the candle in her hand, Xuanyuan Ying said to Feng Wu over her shoulder, “Sister Xiao Wu, let’s be straight . I offended you earlier and I’ve now taken you here to see the Bright Dragon Soil . We’re even after this . You can’t hold me accountable anymore . ”

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