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Chapter 112: Why Do I Smell A……

The unique stone textured white table 'crack' was slapped to pieces by Feng Xun!

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of hawk like eyes swept over Old Man Ba's face, such that Old Man Ba kept quiet out of fear.

"Where's she? Where's she?" Feng Xun questioned closely.

Old Man Ba stroked his nose and pretended he didn't know. "Cough cough……where can she be? Wasn't she inside just now?"

Jun Lin Yuan watched Old Man Ba's eyes looking all over the place in confusion then walked in large strides towards a direction.

Old Man Ba's complexion suddenly changed!

The corners of Jun Lin Yuan's mouth curved into a profoundly mysterious arc and pointed with his finger. A hidden passageway appeared before everyone.

"Oh my goodness, how did I forget about this passageway!" Old Man Ba pretended to slap his head as if he suddenly realized something. "How's that girl so intelligent, she's able to find a passageway that's hidden so well? She's really so crafty!"

Feng Xun didn't have the time to talk to Old Man Ba as he charged into the passageway that was as tall as half a person!

And at this moment, Feng Wu——

She was running forward frantically!

As soon as the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill was refined, in spite of the fact that it was scalding, she already threw it into her mouth!

Since she was being chased, she's afraid that the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill would be confiscated in the end. That's why Feng Wu took the pill that she expended so much effort to refine and just stuffed it into her mouth. She chewed a couple of times, then swallowed it.

Once the pill was swallowed into her stomach, Feng Wu's heart finally returned to normal!

From this moment forward, she could finally cultivate again!

She could finally activate master's Devine Phoenix Blood and return to being that exceptionally talented young Feng Wu.

However, the most important matter right now was to ….run run run——

As someone who wasn't even a Spirit Master, she musn't be caught by Feng Xun and company, otherwise……Feng Wu was simply unable to imagine what kind of treatment she'd receive if she encountered them.

After Feng Wu exited a small door, she didn't run into the big street at all. Rather, she immediately leapt over the wall separating Spring Fragrance House.

Because it was daytime, there were many ladies who were still sleeping inside Spring Fragrance House, and this luxurious and gorgeous Spring Fragrance House appeared quiet.

Feng Wu chose a very particular spot. She hid in the garret under the roof. Looking outwards from her location, she could see the door that she ran out from previously.

Feng Wu had barely finished hiding when she saw Feng Xun exit through the passageway.

What a close call! He surprisingly discovered the passageway so quickly!

Feng Xun looked left and right and very quickly chose a road to chase into.

Feng Wu secretly rubbed the place where her heart was at. Luckily, Feng Xun was chasing after the wrong road, otherwise, it'd be terrible……

Currently, the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill was still sitting inside her stomach, but she didn't dare to refine it. She truly didn't dare to act rashly, because Jun Lin Yuan's nose was too sensitive. The tiniest, smallest amount of a smell could be discovered by him.

Feng Wu had just thought to this point, when abruptly——


She farted loudly!

It sounded continuously and lengthily——an almost unbroken and unending——fart.

Feng Wu turned completely green in the face!

To fart was actually not a big deal. The problem was……she unexpectedly released the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill's unique scent. In other words, it's precisely the Immortal Spirit Fruit's scent.

Without any unnecessary thought, Feng Wu's body flashed and rushed out of the garret!

This location had already been exposed. How could she still stay here?

Sure enough, Jun Lin Yuan, Feng Xun, and company, who were originally charging outward, suddenly stopped in their tracks..

"Why do I smell a……" Feng Xun turned to Jun Lin Yuan.

Jun Lin Yuan nodded his head slightly. "Hm."

"Shoot! This ugly girl. She unexpectedly consumed the Immortal Spirit Fruit as medicine! Simply detestable!" Feng Xun's eyes cracked opened passionately. "She absolutely can't be allowed to get away with it. Let's take advantage of the fact that the scent still hasn't dispersed and quickly give chase!"

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