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Chapter 111: It Must Be That Girl!

"Cough cough, um, that girl…..there's not much to her. I also don't know her background very well. I merely met her by coincidence and we discussed some medical issues a few times. I discovered that her understanding was quite deep. Actually, we didn't interact that much……" Old Man Ba started to mend the pen after the sheep were lost.

Feng Xun looked at City Lord Bi, who had been standing behind them silently and City Lord Bi quickly stepped forward.

Feng Xun pulled out a scroll from inside his sleeve. It's the drawing he personally painted previously. "Look, Old Man Ba, is it this girl?"

Feng Xun pointed out the portrait on the scroll to Old Man Ba.

Once Old Man Ba took a look, his eyes twitched.

This girl……she was truly willing to act against her own face that was originally as beautiful as a flower, as bright as the moon. That kind of exceptional appearance was really deformed by her into an ordinary featured, plain figured kind of common young girl that could be found on any street.

However, what could Old Man Ba say? He nodded with all of his might at once. "Mn mn mn, mn mn mn, that's her indeed, it's indeed her!"

Old Man Ba and Feng Wu, one old man and one young girl, could be considered bosom buddies who had great rapport already.

Once Old Man Ba smelled the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill's fragrance, he knew that this girl succeeded. As he recalled that there was a separate door to the other room……who could've known that Feng Wu's idea from that time would surprisingly become a great help to herself today?

Therefore, in order to make up for his previous conduct of leading his friend to the slaughter, Old Man Ba started to delay Feng Xun at once and properly allow that girl time to run as far as possible, lowering the probability that she'd be caught as much as possible.

Unintentionally, Old Man Ba's gaze and Jun Lin Yuan's collided in midair.

That pair of aloof and impenetrable eyes narrowed and focused on him, eyes very dark, yet very bright……as if they understood everything, as if every secret in the world were laid bare beneath this pair of eyes……

Old Man Ba's heart bathumped!

But in the next second, he stiffly withdrew his gaze again. He won't allow Jun Lin Yuan to sense his lack of confidence!

Who knew. The corners of Jun Lin Yuan mouth nevertheless curved into arc of having clearly understood everything.

Old Man Ba: ……

After Feng Xun confirmed that the ugly girl, Little Fifth, was indeed inside, at once, he became immensely proud of himself as he said to Jun Lin Yuan. "This is truly a case of traveling far and wide looking for something only to find it in one's own backyard. I didn't expect that I can capture that girl even by accident, ha ha ha——"

Jun Lin Yuan said indifferently. "It's not too late to laugh after capturing her."

"That girl is inside. Can it still be possible for her to escape? Huh? Why is there no sign of activity inside? Moreover, the smell of Immortal Spirit Fruit is becoming more and more faint? What's going on?" Feng Xun creased his brows. "Boss Jun, lend me your Heaven Punishing Sword!"

Jun Lin Yuan grabbed the handle of that exceptional godly weapon and threw it to Feng Xun.


The Heaven Punishing Sword hacked down through the middle.

That strong door made of especially fine materials was split open at once!

Feng Xun was the first to charge inside.

However, when he saw the scene before his eyes, he was immediately flabbergasted!

The pill refining room exceeded a thousand square meters. It was spacious but empty. Everything was plainly visible. How could Feng Wu's figure be in front of his eyes?

Soon after, Jun Lin Yuan also walked into the pill refining room.

"Not here. Not here. Not here……" Feng Xun already circled around the whole room and nearly dug three feet into the ground, but didn't discover a shadow of Feng Wu. He was totally stupefied!

"In fact, the pill cauldron is still boiling. This is enough to show that there was still someone refining medicine a minute ago! Furthermore, take a whiff you guys. It's the Immortal Spirit Fruit's residual smell. It must be that girl!" Feng Xun was so angry he slapped the table over and over again!

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