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Chapter 1118
Chapter 1118  Bright Dragon Soil Those around them all drew in their breaths . Lady Northern Feng was such a tough character…

She taught her daughter quite differently from everyone else .

Lady Cai’s face turned darker, for she felt as if Lady Northern Feng was mocking her .

But —

It wasn’t like Lady Cai could retort .

Xuanyuan Ying looked stumped for a split second, but was soon back to normal . She smiled at Lady Northern Feng . “Your Ladyship is right . But please don’t worry . I won’t let anything happen to Sister Wu . ”

“When everything is over, I’d like to see if Lady Northern Feng will still want this daughter!” Xuanyuan Ying smirked inwardly .

In the backyard —

Xuanyuan Ying led Feng Wu all the way there and soon met up with Zuo Qingyu and the others .

Everyone welcomed Feng Wu warmly this time .

Zuo Qingyu smiled . “Sister Wu is so pretty . ”

Dugu Yamo said, “I agree with Qingyu . Before, I thought Sister Zuo Qingluan was the most beautiful person in the imperial capital, but Sister Wu is equally pretty, if not better . ”

Zuo Qingyu didn’t flinch when she heard that; rather, her smile turned even brighter . “You don’t say . My sister really isn’t as pretty as Sister Wu here . As Zuo Qingluan’s own sister, I can attest to that . ”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “Oh, my, I heard that . Sister Zuo will beat you up when she gets back . ”

Dugu Yamo looked at Zuo Qingyu . “Your sister is coming back?”

Zuo Qingyu glanced at Feng Wu with a smile . “I think she’ll be back after she becomes a Spiritual Lord . ”

“A Spiritual Lord?!”

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All the girls drew in their breaths!

Xuanyuan Ying said, “Isn’t that too high a goal? How long do we have to wait to see Sister Qingluan?”

“It won’t be that long . ” Zuo Qingyu glanced at Feng Wu indifferently, then said with a smile, “With my sister’s talent, she’ll become a Spiritual Lord in less than a year . ”

“Less than a year?!”

“Oh god! Is that even possible?”

“What level is Sister Qingluan at now?!”

Everyone cried out in surprise .

Their reactions weren’t for Feng Wu; Zuo Qingluan really was making progress so fast that her peers were feeling the pressure . They felt that they couldn’t even begin to catch up to her .

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Zuo Qingyu darted another look at Feng Wu, then smiled . “My sister? I heard from my father the other day that she’s a Level 7 Spiritual Elder already . ”

“Seriously?!” Xuanyuan Ying was the first one to cry out . “Didn’t she only just become a Spiritual Elder?”

Zuo Qingyu raised her head and looked proud . “You know very well how talented my sister is . Other people have been making such quick progress; can my sister be slower than that?”

By “other people,” she obviously meant Feng Wu .

Everyone sighed in amazement, for Zuo Qingluan’s speed of progress was way beyond their expectations .

“If that’s the case, the only girl good enough for His Royal Highness is Sister Qingluan . I can’t think of anyone else . ” Even Xuanyuan Ying had to admit that .

As they chatted, Feng Wu frowned a little .

So, did these people bring her out here so that she could listen to stories about Zuo Qingluan?

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Feng Wu was about to find an excuse to leave, when Xuanyuan Ying cried out, “I got it!”

Everyone looked at her in bewilderment .

Xuanyuan Ying said, “Just the other day, someone gave my grandfather a precious birthday gift . ”

The others asked in unison, “What gift?”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “Bright Dragon Soil . ”

“What’s Bright Dragon Soil?” Feng Liu was confused .

So was Zuo Qingyu .

Dugu Yamo cried out, “Bright Dragon Soil? Really? The legendary Bright Dragon Soil that’s supposed to be able to refine one’s talent?”

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