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Published at 22nd of September 2020 03:35:11 PM
Chapter 1113: 1113
Chapter 1113 Princess Feng Wu? Hearing that, Feng Wu frowned a little . This Xuanyuan Xueyue was quite a piece of work . Her little speech just turned what Lady Northern Feng did into the behavior of a bully, forcing Lady Northern Feng’s hand .

Feng Wu was about to say something, but Lady Northern Feng smirked and asked her, “Did you tell them whom you were representing when you came?”

Feng Wu said, “I did . ”

Lady Northern Feng stared at Xuanyuan Ying . “Did she or didn’t she?”

Xuanyuan Ying didn’t dare meet Lady Northern Feng’s eyes .

Just then, Mu the Sixth yelled, “Little Feng Wu said it, but Xuanyuan Ying wouldn’t believe her!”

Xuanyuan Ying wasn’t the only one . No one had believed Feng Wu earlier .

Seeing that things were turning in Feng Wu’s favor again, Xuanyuan Xueyue’s eyes darted around, then she smiled . “Goddaughter or not… it’s not like you threw a party or anything . How were we supposed to know? I bet even His Majesty doesn’t know either . Lady Northern Feng, are you holding so many grudges against the Xuanyuan clan that you made up such an excuse to attack us?”

Many people gave Lady Northern Feng suspicious looks after hearing that .

Lady Northern Feng smirked, then drew a scroll out of her wide sleeve, which she handed to Xuanyuan Xueyue with an arrogant glance .

Since all these people suspected that she was mistreating her goddaughter and was using Feng Wu to attack the Xuanyuan clan, Lady Northern Feng decided to show them the evidence . These people had better open their eyes and take a good look!

Xuanyuan Xueyue didn’t see this coming . The next second, an imperial edict was in her hand . Didn’t that light yellow color represent the empire?

“An imperial edict?”

“Lady Northern Feng has an imperial edict with her?”

“What will it say?”

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Everyone was curious and surprised . All eyes were on the imperial edict, and everyone had forgotten to blink . They eyed Xuanyuan Xueyue, urging her with their stares to unroll the imperial edict .

Xuanyuan Xueyue’s mind was telling her that the scroll’s content would make her look very bad . Everyone was looking, however, and she didn’t have any other choice .

“By the grace of God and His Majesty the emperor, it is decided that Feng Wu, the daughter of the Feng family… is destined to be Lady Northern Feng’s daughter for her equal stress on integrity and ability, as well as her elegance and virtue . Feng Wu is hereby given the title Princess Feng Wu…”

As Xuanyuan Xueyue read on, her eyes almost popped out .

It was real!

His Majesty had even made Feng Wu a princess!

A princess with a title wasn’t the same as the other princesses out there . This was the most prodigious princess of all!

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It was inferior only to a royal princess .

Crack —

The imperial edict fell from Xuanyuan Xueyue’s hands —

Those around Xuanyuan Xueyue were so frightened that their hearts almost stopped!

If word of this got out, the Xuanyuan clan could be punished for showing the emperor grave disrespect . They would be doomed .

Xuanyuan Yu was standing close to Xuanyuan Xueyue . Hence, he jumped forward and caught the imperial edict just before it hit the ground .

Whoosh —

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Only then did the other Xuanyuan clansmen let out breaths of relief .

Even Xuanyuan Ze’s forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat . He was petrified .

All the members of the Xuanyuan clan who were present glared at Xuanyuan Xueyue .

This woman had almost gotten the entire clan killed .

Xuanyuan Xueyue wanted to cry, but no tears would come . “I… I really didn’t mean to…”

But no one would believe her .

But Feng Wu knew she was telling the truth, because she herself had been the one behind it . When Xuanyuan Xueyue was feeling baffled just then, Feng Wu had struck and numbed Xuanyuan Xueyue’s fingers a little .

What a pity, Feng Wu thought to herself .

Staring at Xuanyuan Xueyue, Lady Northern Feng smirked . “Xuanyuan Xueyue, I didn’t know that you still had so many grudges against the royal family . ”

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