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Chapter 1114: 1114
Chapter 1114 Xiao Wu, Let“s Go Before Xuanyuan Xueyue could offer an explanation, Xuanyuan Yu apologized with a wry smile right away . “Lady Northern Feng, it was a misunderstanding . My sister was simply careless . Please forgive her . By the way, this imperial edict is —”Fearing that Lady Northern Feng would look into it, Xuanyuan Yu went on proclaiming the rest of the imperial edict .

Princess Feng Wu?!

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

Especially Feng Liu and Feng Sang . The two of them gritted their teeth, overwhelmed with hatred .

Feng Wu used to be of the same social status as the two of them, but the next thing they knew, she seemed to have grown wings and had become Princess Feng Wu all of a sudden! From now on, she would be superior to Feng Liu and Feng Sang!

Zuo Qingyu glared at Feng Wu with eyes filled with jealousy!

Xuanyuan Ying stared at Feng Wu with bloodshot eyes and clenched fists .

Her eyes almost popped out .

She had thought that even if Feng Wu became Lady Northern Feng’s goddaughter, that was it . She never expected His Majesty to write an imperial edict for Feng Wu .

And she was made Princess Feng Wu!

She may as well be Lady Northern Feng’s real daughter!

Lady Northern Feng pointed at Xuanyuan Ze . “What a family you’ve got here . You’re either dropping an imperial edict or disrespecting a princess instated by His Majesty himself . I finally see how the Xuanyuan family demonstrates its respect for the royal family!”

“Xiao Wu, let’s go!” Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Lady Northern Feng turned to leave .

That wouldn’t do!

Xuanyuan Ze and Xuanyuan Yu exchanged looks . Judging by Lady Northern Feng’s reaction, she was going to go to court to vent her grievances… And it was common knowledge that Lady Northern Feng was very well liked by the royal family .

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Lady Yu reacted quickly and stopped Lady Northern Feng in time by taking the latter’s hand . She then smiled obsequiously . “Lady Northern Feng, please don’t go . Wait —”

Xuanyuan Yu blocked their way as well . “It’s all a misunderstanding and bickering between kids . The Xuanyuan family can’t be any more loyal to His Majesty; the last thing we’d ever do is disrespect the emperor . ”

As Xuanyuan Yu tried to stop Lady Northern Feng, he shot a warning glance at Xuanyuan Ze .

Xuanyuan Ze was so frustrated . It was only moments ago that he had been standing up to Lady Northern Feng, but now… However, the royal family was simply too intimidating an entity to confront, and Xuanyuan Ze had to step up now for the sake of his entire clan .

He kicked Xuanyuan Ying . “Go apologize to Princess Feng Wu now!”

Poor Xuanyuan Ying . She was caught off guard, and the kick sent her right in front of Feng Wu .

Her father had kicked her so hard that Xuanyuan Ying couldn’t stand up straight . She kept coughing until she spat out a mouthful of blood!

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When that happened, people began to give Feng Wu and Lady Northern Feng strange looks .

Xuanyuan Ying had mistreated Feng Wu and was indeed suspected of abusing her power for personal gain, but she had only done it for the safety of everyone else of her social class . She had every reason to want to check Feng Wu’s invitation .

“Cough, cough —”

Xuanyuan Ying wouldn’t stop spitting out blood, and Feng Wu could tell right away that something was off .

As expected, Xuanyuan Ying made a very humble gesture and lowered her head to apologize to Feng Wu . “Princess Feng Wu, I’ve offended you repeatedly . Please forgive me, cough —”

More blood spilled out of her mouth .

Everyone else gave Xuanyuan Ying sympathetic looks at the sorry sight she made .

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Feng Wu gave her a half-smile . “Miss Xuanyuan, you seem badly wounded . Let me examine you . ”

Her hand landed on Xuanyuan Ying, and it only took her an instant to discover that Xuanyuan Ying was pretending .

The girl had smashed part of her internal organs to force herself to vomit blood .

She was merciless to herself!

Flipping her own hand around, Xuanyuan Ying took hold of Feng Wu’s hand with a smile on her face .

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