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Published at 22nd of September 2020 03:35:15 PM
Chapter 1112
Chapter 1112 Aunt — Xuanyuan Ying’s heart sank!She recalled what she said to Feng Wu earlier, which consisted of some very rude things .

Lady Northern Feng was so intimidating… When that woman wanted things her way, she didn’t give a damn who she had to take down . Of course people were afraid of her!

Lady Northern Feng glared at Xuanyuan Ying . “Do you still remember what you said just then?”

Xuanyuan Ying gave Lady Cai a pleading look .

Lady Cai wanted to help her own daughter, but it was obvious that Lady Northern Feng was here to get revenge for Feng Wu, and even Lady Cai was intimidated by Lady Northern Feng’s demeanor . Although Xuanyuan Ying was asking for her help, Lady Cai still looked away .

Lady Northern Feng smirked . “The Xuanyuan manor is so hard to get in these days . Even a member of my Northern Feng Mansion can get kicked out right away . ”

Both Xuanyuan Ze’s and Lady Cai’s faces darkened .

Xuanyuan Yu came to their rescue . “Lady Northern Feng, it was a misunderstanding, a huge misunderstanding . Ying Er didn’t mean it . ”

After that, Xuanyuan Yu shot Xuanyuan Ying an inconspicuous warning glance . “Apologize to Miss Feng now!”

“Why should she apologize?” a cold voice interjected just then .

“Aunt —”

Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes lit up when she saw who it was .

It was none other than Xuanyuan Xueyue, the daughter of the Xuanyuan family who had married out .

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Xuanyuan Xueyue had never been on friendly terms with Lady Northern Feng, for she could have married the Northern Feng General, but in the end, the man married Lady Northern Feng instead .

For that, Xuanyuan Xueyue still hated Lady Northern Feng .

She had known that Lady Northern Feng was here the moment the latter arrived, and had come over just to make Lady Northern Feng’s life harder .

“Oh my, I was just wondering who it was . Isn’t it our famous Lady Northern Feng?” Xuanyuan Xueyue walked in at an elegant pace, then darted a sidelong glance at Lady Northern Feng .

“Aunt —” Holding Xuanyuan Xueyue’s arm, Xuanyuan Ying cried in grievance .

Xuanyuan Xueyue stroked Xuanyuan Ying’s hair . “Good girl . What happened? Tell me . I’ll back you up . ”

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“Aunt —” Xuanyuan Ying said between broken sobs, “Lady Northern Feng wasn’t here at first and Feng Wu came on her own . All I did was ask her if she had an invitation . What was wrong with that? If she didn’t have one, she shouldn’t be here, right?”

Xuanyuan Ying went on crying . “She never told me her relationship with Northern Feng Mansion, and Northern Feng Mansion never announced that Feng Wu was a member of their family…”

As Xuanyuan Ying cried, she made sure to give excuses for her conduct . She had done nothing wrong and shouldn’t be blamed . It was everyone else’s fault . She was the most innocent person on earth .

It just so happened that she had a point .

Northern Feng Mansion had indeed never made the announcement that Feng Wu was a daughter of the family .

Seeing the baffled look on Lady Northern Feng’s face, Xuanyuan Xueyue was excited .

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“Lady Northern Feng, Northern Feng Mansion should be the one to blame . You’re the only one to make that claim, and we have no way of knowing if it’s the truth . You can say whatever you like . ” Xuanyuan Xueyue snorted . “So, my family did nothing wrong here . ”

Lady Northern Feng was going to say something when Xuanyuan Xueyue cut her off . “Lady Northern Feng, you brought an army here, as if you’re going to execute someone . That aggressive manner is just way too arrogant! That outright insults the Xuanyuan clan!”

Other members of the Xuanyuan clan chimed in . “Yes! You’ve humiliated our clan!”

Xuanyuan Xueyue stared at Lady Northern Feng . “I’m afraid you’ll have to give us an explanation, or there will be consequences! We can go to His Majesty if you want . I’d like to see which side His Majesty will take: his family or the truth!”

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