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Chapter 1100: 1100
Chapter 1100 Show the Invitation “Do you know each other?” Dugu Mengxi glanced at Feng Liu . Dugu Mengxi knew Feng Liu because of his sister .

Feng Liu snorted . “Of course I know her . She’s Feng Wu, the one who took advantage of the unconscious crown prince and kissed him!”

Feng Wu?!

Dugu Mengxi hadn’t met Feng Wu before, but he had heard of her famous name .

Therefore, he frowned as soon as he heard that . He shook his head and wouldn’t believe her .

“This young lady is as noble as an immortal . How could she have done such a wretched thing? No, that can’t be the case . ”

Feng Liu almost exploded!

However, Dugu Mengxi was a prominent figure . The empress was from the Dugu family, which was far more influential than even the Zuo family . Who was Feng Liu to speak back to him?

As a result, Feng Liu could only vent her anger on Feng Wu .

She asked, “How did you get in? Who brought you here?”

Ning Chenxi frowned .

This Feng Liu was awful . Luckily, he had uncovered the truth quickly enough, or his life would have been ruined .

Feng Wu only smiled, but didn’t speak .

Feng Liu stared at Feng Wu, wondering if the latter thought she could cope with the situation by keeping silent . Of course, Feng Liu wouldn’t let that happen!

Feng Liu believed that she had someone to back her up . Taking Xuanyuan Ying’s arm, she said, “Sister Ying, did the Xuanyuan family invite Feng Wu?”

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Xuanyuan Ying gave Feng Wu a condescending look .

She knew about Feng Wu not just because of what happened between the latter and Jun Linyuan, but also because her brother had come back from school the other day in a grumpy mood . When she asked, she learned that Feng Wu had been pushing her brother around at school .

Xuanyuan Ying had a brother complex . To her, nothing was more important than Xuanyuan Yi, her brother .

That was why Feng Wu had left a bad impression on Xuanyuan Ying from the very beginning .

Looking down her nose, she stared at Feng Wu arrogantly . “How did you get in?”

Feng Wu smiled . “With an invitation, of course . ”

“Where is it?” Xuanyuan Ying stretched out one hand, gesturing at Feng Wu to show it to her .

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Instantly, all eyes were on Feng Wu .

Upper class families like the Xuanyuan family seldom humiliated people in public like this .

However, bolstered by her own special status, as well as that of her friends around her, Xuanyuan Ying decided right away that she wouldn’t show Feng Wu any respect .

Feng Wu frowned . She had come with an invitation, but Granny Tao had it at the moment . It wasn’t appropriate for Granny Tao to step into the main hall of a banquet like this .

Seeing the frown on Feng Wu’s face, Xuanyuan Ying thought that she had a guilty conscience . Her eyes flickered and she pursed her lips contemptuously .

She raised a hand to beckon someone over . “Steward Yan!”

Steward Yan was in charge of the banquet venue . Hearing her call, he went up to her immediately .

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Xuanyuan Ying asked with a stern look on her face, “Steward Yan, you were in charge of sending out the invitations, weren’t you?”

Steward Yan said, “Yes, Miss . ”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “Go find out why she was allowed in . ”

Looking at Feng Wu, Steward Yan frowned . “…And who is this young lady?”

Anyone else would have felt flustered as well as flushed with embarrassment from being stared at by so many eyes holding ill intent .

But not Feng Wu .

She was unperturbed, and even smiled a little . “Feng Wu is my name . ”

“Miss Feng Wu…” Tilting his head, Steward Yan gave it some thought, then looked at her in embarrassment . He hesitated, but still said, “I sent out all the invitations myself… But I don’t recall seeing Miss Feng Wu’s name . ”

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