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Chapter 1101: 1101
1101 You“re Not Welcome Here at the Xuanyuan Family Residence! All eyes in the hall had already turned in this direction . Not to mention that Feng Wu had been the centre of all the attention all along .

Therefore, nearly everyone was staring at Feng Wu, gloating at her predicament .

This was going to be good .

Feng Liu was even more satisfied . Feng Wu had it coming! A duckling couldn’t turn into a swan just because she wanted to! In her dreams!

“Xuanyuan Ying, you’ve stepped out of line!” An angry voice rang out from behind Xuanyuan Ying .

Turning around, Xuanyuan Ying saw that it was Gongsun Qing .

Gongsun Qing was from the Gongsun family, which was also one of the nine major clans . The two families were of equal status, but that didn’t mean that Xuanyuan Ying would necessarily listen to her .

“Sister Gongsun, how about you have some tea outside? I’ll apologize for the convenience after I’m done here . ”

Xuanyuan Ying’s meaning was very clear: she had told Gongsun Qing to go away and mind her own business .

Gongsun Qing frowned . “Xuanyuan Ying! Go easy on other people! Do you have any idea how unforgiving and aggressive you are now? That’s not how the daughter of an old, distinguished family should behave!”

Xuanyuan Ying snorted .

“So, are you saying that I should just stand here and watch while some tramp sneaks into an event held for people of our status? Sister Gongsun, this isn’t your home, so of course you don’t have to worry . However, I have a responsibility and obligation to make sure that all the guests can safely enjoy themselves today . ”

Gongsun Qing found those words preposterous . “She was just standing there and talking! How can she possibly be endangering your safety? If you hadn’t approached her, none of this would be happening!”

Although Gongsun Qing had held a grudge against Feng Wu before, her opinion of Feng Wu had changed after the latter saved her life .

Xuanyuan Ying decided to ignore Gongsun Qing . She stared at Feng Wu . “Are you leaving or do I have to make you?”

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That was a rather rude question…

All eyes were on Feng Wu .

Many people were whispering among themselves .

“So, she’s Feng Wu…”

“The Feng clan has really declined . They were also one of the nine major clans back in the day . ”

“I would leave right now if I were Feng Wu!”

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Did Feng Wu not hear them? Of course she did, but that was why she couldn’t leave .

She smiled at Xuanyuan Ying . “Your father wrote the invitation himself . If you want me to leave, he’ll have to tell me in person . ”

“My father?!” Xuanyuan Ying found Feng Wu ridiculous . “A petty thing like you received a handwritten invitation from my father? Who the hell do you think you are? Don’t make me laugh!”

Feng Liu, Zuo Qingyu, Dugu Yamo and the others were all grinning at Xuanyuan Ying . Zuo Qingyu chimed in, poking at the hornet’s nest .

“Xuanyuan Ying, I thought your words meant something here in the Xuanyuan family . I guess I was wrong . Tsk, tsk —”

Of course Xuanyuan Ying wouldn’t stand for that!

She glared at Feng Wu, blaming everything on the latter . If it wasn’t for this girl, her friends wouldn’t be laughing at her!

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At that thought, Xuanyuan Ying reached out to grab Feng Wu . “Get out! Now! You’re not welcome here in the Xuanyuan family!”

Feng Wu chuckled .

She sounded like she was enjoying herself . Actually, the Xuanyuan family had left an awful impression on her .

She had felt a little guilty about approaching Old Master Xuanyuan with a hidden agenda, but with the scene Xuanyuan Ying had caused, Feng Wu felt justified .

The Xuanyuan family owed her now .

Just then —

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