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Chapter 1099: 1099
Chapter 1099 How Can I Not Know Her?! Xuanyuan Ying said, “That’s right! I have to know what kind of witch stole Ning Chenxi’s heart . ”Hence, led by Xuanyuan Ying, the most attractive girls in this banquet headed for the corner Feng Wu and Ning Chenxi were sitting in .

Seeing the girl’s smooth outline and slender build from behind, Dugu Yamo sighed inwardly . From that back alone, she knew that the girl could defeat Feng Liu .

“By the way —” Before they got there, Zuo Qingyu asked Feng Liu all of a sudden, “Don’t you have a sister named Feng Wu? Why isn’t she here?”

Feng Liu smirked . “Why should she be? Who would invite her?”

The others agreed . The Feng family was not what it was before . Feng Liu had only been invited because she was Xuanyuan Ying’s friend . Who would send an unwelcome girl like Feng Wu an invitation?

Zuo Qingyu looked sorry to hear that . “I wish she were here . ”

Xuanyuan Ying frowned . “You like her?”

Zuo Qingyu smiled . “As if . I was just thinking that if she did come… Haha, there are so many of us here, and we can teach her a lesson for what she did to His Royal Highness . ”

These girls were still holding a grudge against Feng Wu for what she did to Jun Linyuan in Proud Snowfield back then…

Friendships could be formed in the strangest way among girls . They would quickly become very close when they had a common enemy .

Such as now, when they all hated Feng Wu .

At the same time .

Ning Chenxi wasn’t the only man around Feng Wu, for —

“Hello, young lady . You look so familiar . Have we met before?” The man who went up to her was none other than the third young master of the Dugu clan, Dugu Yamo’s older brother .

He had been standing some distance away when he spotted Feng Wu’s fine profile . Instantly, Young Master Dugu was swept off his feet . He stood there, befuddled, then his legs moved on their own . An invisible force pulled him toward Feng Wu .

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Ning Chenxi frowned when he saw Dugu Mengxi .

The empress was from the Dugu clan, and even the Zuo clan had to depend on it . It was a colossus in the imperial capital .

The way Dugu Mengxi looked at Feng Wu was like a beast eyeing its prey . His eyes were glittering!

Ning Chenxi felt the threat right away .

However, the girls arrived before he could say anything .

Dugu Yamo frowned when she saw her brother, but she still smiled . “Hey, what’s going on? Why is everyone here?”

These young people were all excellent members of their generation, both in terms of their social status and their cultivation skills . That was why all eyes had been on them the entire time .

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Since they had all gathered in the corner, the attention followed them there as well .

Sensing the eyes on her, Feng Wu turned her head involuntarily .

“Oh god!”



Dugu Mengxi stared at the girl in disbelief .

How could anyone be this beautiful?!

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Holy sh*t!

As for the sound of indrawn breaths, they all came from the girls who had come here to fight for justice for Feng Liu .

Little did Feng Liu expect to find Feng Wu here . She was just telling everyone confidently that Feng Wu wouldn’t be allowed in .

“Why are you here?!” Feng Liu stared at Feng Wu in disbelief . Moreover, she was furious!

She had thought that she could show off in front of Feng Wu after receiving the invitation from the Xuanyuan family, but the latter was here as well!

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