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Published at 12th of September 2020 03:10:07 PM
Chapter 1093: 1093
Chapter 1093 Poor Little Feng Xun The chief steward said, “…I think they were after a good-looking teenage boy . ”“A teenage boy?” Lady Northern Feng was bewildered . “Why is he after a teenage boy?”

Lady Northern Feng couldn’t for the life of her figure it out . “Xiao Wu, just tell me . What did your Brother Ah Xun do this time?”

Feng Wu looked conflicted .

But in fact, she was thrilled inwardly!


“Feng Xun, that’s what you get for chasing me half the night! An eye for an eye!” thought Feng Wu .

Despite her excitement, Feng Wu kept her face demure and serious . “…Well, it’s no big deal . ”

Lady Northern Feng threw a dirty look at Feng Wu .

“If that really is the case, then why did she skip breakfast and rush here at this hour? It has to be very big,” thought Lady Northern Feng .

“Just tell me —” Lady Northern Feng prompted her .

Feng Wu asked, “Do you really want to hear it?”

The lady said, “I thought you were a straightforward kid . What’s with this stuttering? Spit it out . ”

Feng Wu said, “Well… actually, I’m only worried that you won’t be able to handle it . ”

Lady Northern Feng said, “Just tell me!” What on earth had that brat done to make little Feng Wu so conflicted?

Leaning over, Feng Wu whispered in Lady Northern Feng’s ear .

She only said one sentence, but Lady Northern Feng was petrified .

“What?! Is that true?!” Lady Northern Feng stared at Feng Wu .

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Feng Wu said, “Yes . ”

Lady Northern Feng asked, “Are you telling me that your Brother Xun… likes men?”

Feng Wu said, “I’m not 100% sure, but… he did snatch a teenage boy in public, and everyone on the street saw it . I came here in a hurry as soon as I heard . ”


Lady Northern Feng smacked the table hard!

“That brat!” Infuriated, Lady Northern Feng went back to her room to look for something .

“Godmother, what are you looking for?” Feng Wu asked curiously .

Lady Northern Feng snorted . “That’s why that brat didn’t like any of the girls I set him up with . I know now! He likes men!”

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The more she thought about it, the angrier Lady Northern Feng became . “I’m Lady Northern Feng and my only son likes men . I can’t have that!”

Seeing how serious Lady Northern Feng was, Feng Wu nibbed her fingers…

Had the joke gone a little too far?

Just then, footsteps came from outside .

“Mum, I heard that we have a guest . Is little Feng Wu here?” Feng Xun’s footsteps came from outside .

Speak of the devil .

Turning toward the door, Feng Wu had the greatest sympathy for Feng Xun, who was about to show up .

Poor Feng Xun . He knew nothing of this . After learning that Feng Wu was at his place, he came home with the big dog, hoping that Feng Wu would treat his dog, so that he could go back to looking for the ugly girl .

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However —

Feng Xun sensed the forbidding atmosphere before he set foot in the main courtyard .

Wait . What was going on?

As soon as Feng Xun stepped into the main courtyard —


The door closed behind Feng Xun with a loud bang!

Feng Xun jumped . What was that about?

He looked up to find Feng Wu inside, and when he was about to wave at Feng Wu to greet her, a stick as thick as his arm appeared out of nowhere and struck him in the back!

Caught by surprise, Feng Xun was hit in the back .

“Ouch —” Feng Xun cried out in surprise . He then looked up to see his mother, who was holding that stick with both hands and looking like she wanted to kill someone!

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