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Published at 12th of September 2020 03:30:07 AM
Chapter 1092: 1092
Chapter 1092 Complain to Lady Northern Feng — However, they didn’t ask and had thus lost the most important lead . While Feng Xun was searching everywhere for Feng Wu, where was Feng Wu at the moment?

Feng Xun was at Feng Wu’s place, but Feng Wu was at his home .

After jumping back over the wall, Feng Wu quickly made her way through the woods and ran behind some rocks . With her nimble fingers, she quickly removed all the makeup from her face, changed into her normal outfit, and came out in a pink dress .

“Why, isn’t it Miss Feng Wu?” someone said a few steps away, sounding pleasantly surprised .

It was Ziyuan, Lady Northern Feng’s maid .

Feng Wu smiled politely .

Soon, Ziyuan led Feng Wu to Lady Northern Feng’s main courtyard .

It was still early, and Lady Northern Feng was having breakfast .

Because General Feng was stationed at the northern border all year long and wouldn’t come back for years, Lady Northern Feng usually had her breakfast alone .

“Xiao Wu?” Seeing Feng Wu, Lady Northern Feng’s eyes lit up .

Feng Wu greeted Lady Northern Feng respectfully, but before she could finish, the enthusiastic Lady Northern Feng had already ushered her into a chair .

Lady Northern Feng said, “It’s still so early . Xiao Wu, you haven’t had any breakfast, have you? Ziyuan, get me another bowl and chopsticks . ”

Ziyuan replied with a smile, “Of course . ”

The lady looked so lonely when she ate alone, and Ziyuan was glad to see her have some company .

Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Lady Northern Feng started babbling . “Why are you here so early? Has something gone wrong?”

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Feng Wu smiled . “Of course not . How could anything go wrong? I’m fine . ”

Lady Northern Feng said, “If it’s not you, then my brat Feng Xun has made a mess out there, hasn’t he?”

Feng Wu waved her hand . “How could he? Of course he hasn’t . My brother’s doing fine . Please don’t be mad at him . You’ll make yourself sick . ”

What did she mean by “he hasn’t,” then “don’t be mad at him,” and “you’ll make yourself sick”? She was practically telling the lady that Feng Xun had made a mess!

Fearing that her quick temper would frighten the girl, Lady Northern Feng bellowed at the servants outside, “Get Feng Xun’s ass down here!”

Ziyuan went in a hurry . However, when she came back, instead of Feng Xun, she brought Steward Wang of No Mercy Yard .

Lady Northern Feng’s face darkened right away . “Where’s Ah Xun?”

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Steward Wang smiled bitterly .

Lady Northern Feng frowned . “Ah Xun isn’t the type to ignore my order to see him . Since he’s not here… He’s not here, is he?”

Steward Wang dropped to his knees .

“He didn’t come back last night . Where did he go?” Lady Northern Feng’s face was livid .

She knew that Feng Wu was discreet, so if the girl had come to warn her, that just proved how big a trouble Feng Xun was in .

The lady’s angry voice made Steward Wang tremble…

“The young lord went to West Mountain to see Master Linghu… He didn’t come back last night, perhaps because he stayed there overnight?”

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Lady Northern Feng waved her hand . “Get the chief steward here!”

The chief steward arrived and explained everything . “The young lord had Feng Wuyi take the guards out last night . They took the dog, too . ”

The dog referred to that big dog from last night . Northern Feng General found it by accident a few years back, and apart from Lady Northern Feng and the young lord, no one else dared to go near it .

“Where’s Feng Wuyi?!”

Lady Northern Feng bellowed .

The chief steward said, “Feng Wuyi led a team of guards out . I think they’re after someone . ”

“After whom?!” Lady Northern Feng pressed in an intimidating tone .

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