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Published at 13th of September 2020 03:45:06 AM
Chapter 1094: 1094
Chapter 1094 Poor Young Lord Feng “Mother —” Feng Xun looked dumbfounded . He had no idea what he had done to deserve that whack from his mother . Ignoring her son’s complaint, Lady Northern Feng raised the stick that was as thick as an arm, and brought it down on Feng Xun again .

“Mother! Why are you hitting me?! What did I do?!” Feng Xun asked in frustration .

He had come back in a hurry to eat with his sister as soon as he heard that Feng Wu was eating with his mother . The last thing he expected was a merciless beating!

“You brat! You’re so dead today! How dare you mess around with men!” Lady Northern Feng only hit him harder .

Feng Xun glanced at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu shrugged innocently . “It’s everywhere…”

“You!” Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu!

He should have known . The girl seldom came here, but she was here so early today . She had come to tell on him!

Feng Xun was so vexed .

“Quit staring at your sister! How dare you, Feng Xun! You’re shameless!” Holding the stick, Lady Northern Feng went on beating him continuously .

Feng Xun’s face wrinkled up .

For it really hurt .

“I’m not messing around with men!” Feng Xun yelled in frustration .

Lady Northern Feng said, “Stop lying! You brought a teenage boy back home! You can’t deny it!”

Feng Xun’s face turned livid . “It wasn’t a teenage boy! She was a teenage girl!”

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Lady Northern Feng paused for a brief moment . “Really? It was a girl?”

Feng Xun said, “Yes, really! She was disguised as a boy!”

Lady Northern Feng saw the light . “So, you kidnapped a teenage girl and brought her back home . ”

Feng Xun: !!!

Seeing that Feng Xun was incriminating himself more and more with his explanation, Feng Wu was amused . The excitement then sent her into a fit of coughing . “Ahem —”

Luckily, she had covered her mouth with her sleeve, and Feng Xun didn’t see the blood she coughed out .

That abominable Feng Xun! Hmph!

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Feng Wu had almost softened, but she was then reminded of how badly Feng Xun had hurt her, and all her guilt disappeared .

Feng Xun ran around in circles in the yard as Lady Northern Feng chased him . “She’s a thief, an outlaw —”

Lady Northern Feng was much more capable than Feng Xun — there was no way he could run away from her .

Lady Northern Feng snorted . “You kidnap her, then call her a thief? Little Feng Xun, since when did you become so glib?!”

The false accusation almost made Feng Xun cry . “Mum! I’m telling the truth! That thief stole Boss Jun’s Immortal Spiritual Fruit! Otherwise, Bao Er would be well enough to walk by now! She’s wanted by Boss Jun!”

Lady Northern Feng wouldn’t be covinced if Feng Xun had brought up someone else, but he would never lie about Jun Linyuan .

Lady Northern Feng was still hesitating when —

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“My lady, something’s wrong . ”

Steward Feng walked in .

Lady Northern Feng asked, “What’s wrong?”

Steward Feng said, “Someone’s crying and shouting outside, saying that the young lord has taken their young master . They’ve put out a banner and are sitting down outside our front gate . There are a lot of them and they’re making a lot of noise . ”

Lady Northern Feng glared at Feng Xun with eyes that could kill .

Feng Xun was dumbfounded . “That’s impossible!”

That teenage boy was that ugly girl in disguise; there was no way that the girl’s family knew she had been caught . Moreover, even if they did, they wouldn’t be asking for their young master back, for she was a girl!

Lady Northern Feng was furious . “Impossible or not, you brought the problem home, you take care of it!”

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