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Published at 11th of September 2020 03:50:07 PM
Chapter 1091: 1091
Chapter 1091 Boss Jun Will Avenge Her? So far, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi still had no idea that the ugly girl whom they had been chasing all night and the one that had pissed them off… was Feng Wu . Carrying the dizzy dog, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi rushed to the Feng clan as fast as their legs could carry them .

But they were soon disappointed .

“What? Little Feng Wu isn’t here?” Feng Xun was baffled by the news . “How can she not be home so early in the morning? Where did she go?”

Chaoge glared at him . “How am I supposed to answer that?”

Feng Xun said, “Can you at least try to be nice?”

Resting her hands on her waist, Chaoge said, “Xiao Wu isn’t here . Leave or stay and wait all you want . Pardon me!”

After that, Chaoge spun around and marched back inside .

She closed the door behind her with a thump!

“Hey, you!” Vexed, Feng Xun was about to throw a tantrum when —

“My lord —” There was an indifferent voice .

Feng Xun turned around and his eyes lit up!

Wasn’t that —

“Chang San? What are you doing here so early in the morning?” Feng Xun was intrigued . “Hey, I had someone deliver to you a message for Boss Jun . Did they find you?”

Chang San was surprised, then smiled bitterly . “My lord, I’m no longer the captain of the guard for the crown prince’s residence . I’m working as the captain of the guard for Fallen Star Yard now .


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Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged surprised looks .

“Why so sudden?”

Chang San gave them a wry smile without saying anything . It was indeed unexpected . He had only been transferred the night before .

Intrigued, Feng Xun decided to get to the bottom of it . “Did you do something to little Feng Wu? You offended her somehow? Was that why Boss Jun avenged her?”

Chang San cried out in surprise, “How did you know?”

Feng Xun laughed . “Hahaha — hahaha — I was right! I knew it! I can’t be the only one! Hahaha —”

“My lord?” asked Chang San .

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Feng Xun patted Chang San on the shoulder and said in an understanding tone, “Little Chang San, you need to keep your eyes wide open . Your Boss Jun likes little Feng Wu too much to admit it . Offending little Feng Wu is an unforgivable crime to him . So, do you understand now?”

Chang San used to be half in the dark, but after Feng Xun’s explanation, and connecting it to what Feng said before, he soon saw the light!

He took three steps back to create some distance before he bowed to Feng Xun with great respect .

“My lord, that was enlightening . I’ll never forget your great kindness!”

Feng Xun grumpily waved him off . “It’s nothing . Xuan Yi was the one who made me see the light . If he hadn’t reminded me repeatedly, I would still be as dumb as you are now .

“Hey, by the way, what did you do to offend little Feng Wu?” Feng Xun’s eyes shone curiously .

Chang San smiled bitterly .

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Before he could reply, Xuan Yi patted Feng Xun on the shoulder . “The gossip can wait . Have you forgotten our priority?”

Feng Xun remembered what he was here for!

That was right . The most important thing now was to cure the dog and go back to hunting down the ugly girl!

Feng Xun patted Chang San on the shoulder . “I’m off . See you around . Enjoy your time in Fallen Star Yard . ”

Poor Feng Xun and Xuan Yi . If they had bothered to ask one more question…

If Chang San had told them that he had offended Feng Wu because of what he had done with that Immortal-Restraining Rope… The two of them might have been able to make the connection with the thunder net .

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